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'Ello, my name is ddpacker, and if you must know my name, then you must DIE :(. I edit pages... once in a while, and i'm quite active on the forums... with the same username...


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Main Oblivion Character[edit]

Character Information --- Character Equipment
Race: Dark Elf --- Weapon: Shadowrend
Level: 4 D: --- Armor: Full Madness
Gender: Male --- Spell: Flare
Story: This Dark Elf has traveled across all of the realms possible. He is considered immortal, in a way. He has become the madgod of the Shivering Isles, he is RECOGNIZED (though not having the powers of) a daedric prince, he is also the champion of Cyrodiil. --- Kaboomers

Completed Main Quests[edit]

Main Quest: Miscarcand
Shivering Isles: The Prince of Madness
Knights of the Nine: Priory of the Nine
Daedric Shrine Quests: All