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About Me[edit]

Morrowind is my favorite game. I've played the other four main Elder Scrolls games, but not nearly as much as I've played Morrowind. I first played it on Xbox many years ago in '07 or '08. I then bought the PC version, realized I stupidly bought one without the expansions, then bought the GOTY version, then somehow lost the discs, and finally bought the Steam version. I guess I've bought Morrowind more often than most people...

Despite having so many hours in Morrowind, I never got around to reading a whole lot of the books, so I'm not very well-versed in lore stuff. Most of my time on Morrowind these days is spent messing around with glitches, testing out console commands, breaking things, weird challenges, experimenting, figuring out game mechanics, etc.
If you know of any neat bugs or glitches or exploits or anything like that, please let me know on my talk page, because I'd be interested in trying it out.

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