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Hello everyone! My name is ChrisThe5th and I've been using UESP for over five years now. I've finally took the time to make an account and dig deeper into the lore of The Elder Scrolls series!

Lore-race-Orsimer.png This User is an Orc
SR-icon-logo.jpg This user is knowledgeable about Skyrim.
User-userbox-Oblivion.png This user is knowledgeable about Oblivion.
User-userbox-Morrowind.gif This user is knowledgeable about Morrowind.
User-userbox-Daggerfall.jpg This user is knowledgeable about Daggerfall.
Flag Norway.png This user is from Norway.
User-userbox-PC Icon.png This user plays on a Windows PC.
SR-symbol-Solitude.png This user fights for the Imperial Legion in the Skyrim Civil War.
SR-symbol-Solitude.png This user is the thane of Haafingar.
MW-npc-Varus Vantinius.jpg This user is a Knight Bachelor in the Imperial Legion.
MW-place-Ebonheart Plaza.jpg This user is an Oracle in the Imperial Cult.
DF-prince-Malacath.gif This user worships Malacath.
User-userbox-Oghma Icon.png This user is a Loremaster.
SR-perktree-One-handed.jpg ChrisThe5th likes to chop heads off using his One-handed skill.
OBbsign Lord.jpg This user was born under the sign of The Lord.