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I've gotten Morrowind for my birthday, in 2003. Became a big fan, played about 200-300 hours in the course of three years, grew bored, tried modding, changed interests. I came back to it not too long ago, drawn by Tamriel Rebuilt. I'm looking to help out a bit with the new TR Tes3Mod section.

I'm fairly knowledgeable regarding Elder Scrolls lore. That's what draws me to the games the most.

I'm also fascinated by the detail that goes into some of the Bethesda paper maps. I was working on a Tamriel Rebuilt map this winter, but other things took priority, and I never got it finished. I look forward to putting it up on the Wiki, when and if I get it done.

Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about Wiki editing. So moderators, by all means, fix any mistakes I might make, and please tell me how to go about things in the future, so there'd be less work for you.