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A poem that is written by a Dunmer Bard named Razzl-thull when leaving Vvardenfell for Necrom. Backstory: (Wrote this for school wish me a A =D) A man named Razzl-Thull married and went to Skyrim to become a Bard. After a few years he moved to Vvardenfell a few years before the Oblivion Crisis. He worked at a local tavern singing, and performing as bards do. And one day a machine was created to sustain the moon that was going to fall on Vivec City, since the god Vivec dissapered the moon was going to fall. So the machine took a female Dunmer,"Dark Elf" to sustain the machine. So eventually the machine failed because of a random dude was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" and the machine failed, the moon fell on Vivec City and red mountain erupted causing ash to spread and lava, and inevitably killed mostly everyone. This poem details the destruction of Razzl-Thull's life

Vvardenfell Gone[edit]

This pain.

I have to feign .

My homeland.

Destroyed by daedric rein.

The gates no longer...


My family gone.

My fallen son.

Nerevar reborn

And Tribunal Torn.

And there formed a machine.

To create a beam to support the moon.

And soon it fell.

And soon to tell.

My family gone.

With Vvarvendfell.