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Lore Inconsistencies are occasions when previously supplied information about the setting is contradicted, regardless if the contradiction is explained or not. The page categorizes the inconsistencies by the first time the conflicting information is presented, with reference to what it is clashing with.


  • Emperor Uriel Septim VII is erroneously referred to as Emperor Uriel Septim IV.


  • The worldspace of Daggerfall, despite being entirely present within Arena, is considerably larger than all of Tamriel was depicted as in Arena.
  • Many of the race's designs were drastically changed, in particular the Argonian and Khajiit.
  • "Summerset Isles" is spelled "Sumerset Isles"




  • Orcs, despite previously only being sub-human monsters, are known treated as upstanding citizens of the land. This is explained by the Warp in the West causing the status of Orcs to change.




  • Despite previous descriptions describing it as jungle, Cyrodiil is a temperate woodland.

Knights of the Nine[edit]

Shivering Isles[edit]


  • Sunder is able to be used without Wraithguard, without suffering the consequences of doing so.
  • The introduced dragon language makes a previously appearing dragon, Nafaalilargus, impossible.


  • Volkihar vampires do not have several previously described characteristics. These include living under frozen lakes, being able to pass through ice without breaking it, and freeze targets with their breath.


Elder Scrolls Online[edit]

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind[edit]

  • Despite previously being marked as unsettled by non-Dunmeri people, Vvardenfell has many locations that would not be present until later.


  • The card "Summerset Orrery" depicted Akavir and Pyandonea. The card was later redesigned to remove the art.
  • The card "Red Bramman" depicts an Argonian, despite Red Bramman being described as a human.
  • The card "Redoran Enforcer" featured a Dunmer wearing Thalmor robes. The card was later altered to depict a bonemold wearing guard.
  • The card "Wildfire Dragon" depicts a four-legged dragon.
  • An Oblivion Invasion called "The Culling" is launched, despite the Liminal Barriers being altered to make such an invasion impossible at the end of Oblivion.