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Welcome to my page! :)[edit]

Hey everyone my name is Jack but I am named AkisEnassarus on The UESPWiki because he is my main character in The Elder Scrolls I've played as him since TES:Arena and subsequently played as him in: TES II:Daggerfall, TES III:Morrowind, TES IV:Oblivion & TES V:Skyrim. Akis is a Dark Elf with long, red hair and purple eyes. More information can be found in my fanfiction section under the title Akis Enassarus' Profile.

Anyway, more about me! I live in glorious and "sunny" England but I'd really love to travel the world sometime. My Twitter Account is JackD791. I prefer Twitter to FaceBook because of its simplicity, which I love. I love all things to do with computers, television and I also like swimming, cycling, running and going out with mates. My favourite television program is probably Family Guy but I also like American Dad. To be really honest, I am slightly obsessed with Family Guy.

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The Elder Scrolls[edit]

TES:Arena is the worst game in The Elder Scrolls simply because of its really difficult gameplay. I don't mind the pixelated graphics but the whole combat system and other things about the games are just too choppy and difficult to grasp. There is a really simple rule to this game: buy as many healing potions as you can, get good equipment and slash the hell out of everything. That got me through the game, eventually. To be honest, I will never want to play the game ever again and I only played it so I could say I've finished every game in the series.

All in all I'd recommend not to play this game unless you are a hardcore fan, player and want to finish all games in the series.

TES II:Daggerfall isn't far behind Arena in terms of graphics and gameplay. The system is a lot easier, due to the fact you can set a kind of difficulty where the creatures move slower or faster depending on the option you choose. The graphics are slightly improved upon but are still pixelated and not 3D. The combat system is still the same, you have to hold down right-click and move the mouse about to slash a sword, ect. The story is quite a lot better than Arena but it still takes a lot of hours to complete. Daggerfall is still not a very good game compared to recend additions but it is much easier and better than Arena.

I'd recommend playing this game only to hardcore fans.

TES III:Morrowind is an overhaul of a game compared to the previous two installments. The graphics are substantially improved, the game is now in 3D. The storyline is perfect. I love the whole Nerevaine incarnation story. This is the first game in the series I played and the first PC game I ever played. My brother bought it and I fell in love with it. The one big flaw is the combat, if you don't have a high skill in magic, bows or melee then you won't hit anything. Eventually you'll get overpowered when you try to hit about 100 times, which only land 10 hits (if your a low level). But otherwise this game is amazing, it is smaller in scale to the previous games but so much better and larger than Oblivion and Skyrim landwise.

There are many quests to take part in and you can decide your own path. It is like living another world and I would definetely recommend downloading the Morrowind Overhaul from 2011.

I recommend this game to anyone with a PC.

TES IV:Oblivion is a beautiful game. The graphics are a wonderful change from Vanilla Morrowind and the combat is improved, the storylines are brilliant (especially the Dark Brotherhood). I've completed the game about 100 times and I love almost everything about it. I especially love all the mods available on the PC and I like the Shivering Isles but not overly. The game is a step up from Morrowind and I enjoyed it so much that I played it for about four years (not all the time, obviously).

I recommend this game to anyone. BUY IT, BUT IT, BUY IT!

TES V:Skyrim... What can I say? A masterpiece, to say the least! I am in love with this game. The graphics are just immense, the snowy, wonderful, beautiful landscapes and mountains... The combat system is so much better. The books are interesting, the characters are wonderful and it is like living a life in another world... that is much more beautiful than our own. The weapons, the dungeons and characters all have their own stories and Bethesda delivered everything they promised. There is good roleplaying, great adventure and even marriage! There is nothing you can't do in this game.



Akis Enassarus' Biography - A Biography of my Main Character