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Welcome to my page, let me introduce myself...

It's been quite some years since I stumbled over Morrowind and started playing it (and it was also unusual that I had free time to do so). I liked to explore the country and the freedom of play, and became quite addicted to this game. The story is fascinating, and well told. After having played the Morrowind expansions, I still say it's a remarkable game, how outdated it may seem nowadays. I am curious about Oblivion, that I'm determined to play as well, one day. I normally don't spend much time with computer games.

I found this site incredible useful and like to help out, when my time permits.

Adjego 17:07, 6 January 2008 (EST)

There are several places where I test and prepare stuff for wikipages:

Things I have done so far include:

  • Added pictures and made small corrections to things I stumble over.
  • Changed the enchantment values to in-game value whereever I met them.
  • Changed the Help:Images to become more readable.
  • Improved the Bloodmoon:Creatures page and added pictures and headers and stuff.
  • Improved the Tribunal:Creatures page in the same way as the Bloodmoon one.

Things I'm currently doing:

  • none in particular.

Things I like to do are:

  • not enough time at the moment.

Links of things I cannot remember all the time: