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Hi. I'm Actreal and have lots of experience with basic Wiki editing and I'm quickly learning here about templates and trails.

I'm a spelling and grammar pedant, so if I've made an edit to a favourite page of yours, it may be only a tiny, almost unnoticeable fix to spelling, grammar, phrasing and/or comprehension.

I have Morrowind but mostly play Oblivion, as it is much prettier and I am fickle like that.

Note: Renown is Fame plus Infamy. Don't let anyone tell you different.

To Do List (let me know on my talk page if you get to them first)[edit]

Other editors are welcome to fix these issues, the list is merely a reminder for me regarding things I notice need doing.

  • Dark Brotherhood quests could use some consistency - getting there in bits and pieces
  • Work on Oblivion:100% Completion page with listing of all completable statistics, what the maximum is, etc. Needs more research.