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It is fascinating to note that the creation of a stub and the completion of an article are both equally worthwhile actions, and each a wonderful contribution to the UESP. As a wiki, one of the greatest advantages of the system is that incomplete or poorly written articles can evolve into polished, presentable masterpieces through the process of collaborative editing. This gives our approach an advantage over many other ways of producing similar results, hence the submission of rough drafts are both encouraged and appreciated.

For example, a single editor may begin an article with a brief overview of the subject, or a few random facts. Another editor may then offer suggestions, while another can further expand the article, perhaps including graphic aids, while yet another might correct the spelling and grammatical errors that have snuck past the multiple edits. Eventually, the disparate parts become a more cohesive whole.

While the article might seem chaotic at first, or worse, rather than being repulsed by its ungainly appearance, we should rejoice it in its potential, having faith that the editing process will turn it into a brilliant compilation of prose.

Naturally, these haphazard articles are not loved by any editor, and the occasional criticism may be leveled at them, apart from mere corrections; this is, at times, acceptable, as nothing is more important than the correction of the offending article. In extreme cases, text that is beyond hope may be removed to the corresponding talk page. More so, in certain cases wherein the article has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, it may even be marked for deletion; although the decision to do so should not be made lightly.