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Meet Minor Edits, a Wiki contributor and Patroller! To learn even more about them, visit their userpage.

What's your role around UESP?

Typo-fixing, patrolling, and generally fleshing out articles, mostly in the lore section. I offer my unsolicited opinion to people who don't want it or like it. Your shirt makes me sad.

How long have you been involved?

About three years of editing, though I've been using UESP since Morrowind.

What's your favorite part of the site?

The dedication members exhibit for such a highly pointless endeavor.

Favorite Elder Scrolls game? quest? faction?

God, that's hard. I have to say that I've enjoyed my Skyrim gameplay experience the most, but Morrowind had the best lore.
The Dark Brotherhood always has the best quests. I have my philosophical disagreements with them, but I'll sacrifice my character's virtue for my own enjoyment any day.
The Greybeards can change the world with a burp. 'Nuff said.

You meddled with the Daedric Princes, and now one NPC is forced to be your sidekick. Who would you choose?

The Sithis-shaped hole of the world, of course.

Tell us one of your favorite things about Tamriel.

The uncultivated land of monsters is the rule.

Tell us one thing that you've learned while being a member of UESP.

Learning and contributing to the UESP are often mutually exclusive.

What would you like to say to UESP readers and fans?

Sorry for the inconvenience.