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Site Update

A quick update on the admin side of the site since I haven't had time to do much in the past few months or so.

Site traffic has been steadily increasing over the past year (see to the right) and has been higher than ever for a few months now. This is surprising, at least to myself, since I expected the traffic to be constant or decreasing since the last official releases of Oblivion last year, much like what happened after Morrowind and its expansions. Currently we're serving around 1 million pages a day.
Site Load 
With the cache server averaging about 68% cache hits it helps the content server cope for the most part but I'm sure we've all experienced the regular site slow down when the traffic is high. This is simply due to the current content server being overloaded with requests (as far as I can tell anyways). Average site load time on Alexa has gone from 2.5 seconds from before the cache server to a current 1.2 seconds, but I know we can do better.
August is the first month I should be mostly around so I'll take the time to do as many server upgrades and tweaking as I dare. First, and easiest upgrade, is bumping up the monthly traffic on squid1 from 1500GB to 2000GB or beyond so we don't get hit with big overage bills (for example, 120$ for going 200GB over in July). Next is setting up a dedicated database server (already ordered) to help relieve the stress on content1. As soon as that is done and working I'll revaluate things and possible upgrade the content1 or squid1 server as needed to cope with the traffic we're getting.
So far it has been more than covering the site expenses and I've saved about 5000$ which will basically purchase two servers for the next 2 years (25% discount for a 2 year plan). At the current rate it can easily support 5-6 decent servers and still have enough extra to save some for later.

As usual, catch me on IRC (if you're lucky) or leave a message on my talk page or here if you have other things to discuss. My plan is to get the database server up and running in the next week or two with hopefully no apparent site downtime other than a brief read-only/lock period. -- Daveh 17:07, 1 August 2008 (EDT)