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Ready for Shivering Isles?

The first 'real' expansion pack for Oblivion has snuck up me...the site should be seeing a noticeable increase in traffic over the next few weeks as well as lots of new content related to the expansion. I just want to make sure we're probably prepared:

  • Site Load/Stability -- Seems fine and can still handle more traffic without needing any upgrades. Worst case is I can add more RAM and increase the site's bandwidth, neither of which would take effort or time much to implement.
  • Shivering: Structure -- It might be good to setup the basic structure in the Shivering name space in preparation for all the content. This is to help direct people to the new content as well as the to the right place to add new content. I assume a structure similar to the Oblivion name space is what we want but I leave the details to the more experienced editors.
  • New Content Formatting -- Probably doesn't need to be said, but patrols should make sure new content is in the proper format. Better to start using the correct format/templates than having to go back and redo it all in the future (as those redoing Morrowind might attest to).

-- Daveh 17:44, 27 March 2007 (EDT)