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Install guide for Redguard

Hello again fellow TES fans,

I am learning my way around the wiki and things are going smooth. But i dont know how to create new pages yet and how to link them to existing pages. Here is a guide i made how to get Redguard running on a modern day PC system. Here it is:

Redguard on XP using DGVoodoo and VDM Sound, by Grim The Reaper

This guide has been made for people with XP systems and without a 3DFX card. You must follow the guide step by step or you will miss some things which may make your system very unstable. Also, I don’t take any credit if your Windows installation will completely crash. With all formalities out of the way, lets start!

1. Install the full 3DFX version of Redguard using the first disk on your C harddrive. I highly recommend turning your second Redguard CD into an .iso file using Nero. With it you can mount it into Deamon Tools so you can increase playback. Note that some Safedisk 7.0 games wont work after you installed Deamon Tools so only use it when you have issues with playback! (stuttering videos)

2. Next thing we need is a Glide Wrapper. Glide Wrappers are programs who simulate a 3DFX environment while you still have an Direct 3D video card. You have two options for this to work namely Glidos and DGVoodoo. DGVoodoo is a bit harder to use and requires some careful tweaking. Glidos on the other hand uses a simple interface but costs $10. This guide is written from the DGVoodoo standpoint. You can download DGVoodoo here: I used the 1.40+ version.

3. Now download SAPUDEX. Without SAPUDEX you cannot view any FMV videos. After download unzip the file in your Redguard directory. Normally that’s C:\Program Files\Redguard.

4. Next up is installing DGVoodoo. Here it gets a little tricky. You need to unzip: glide2x.dll, glide2x.ovl, dgvoodoo.exe, dgvoodoo.vxd, dgvoodooSetup.exe. DO NOT REMOVE ANY FILES IN YOUR WINDOWS DIRECTORY. Doing this will cause strange behavior.

5. You could create a shortcut of dgvoodooSetup.exe on your desktop for easy acces.

6. Start dgvoodooSetup.exe (by the shortcut or the source) and make the following changes.

7. Global tab: Check Dos under platform

8. You could select windowed mode if you want to keep seeing Windows.

9. Check: “Working in VDD mode” under “Windows XP options for Dos”.

10. Check: “Closer to a real hardware” under “LFB acces” and click OK.

11. The game will now run but without any audio. Therefore we need VDM Sound which is a sound driver for Dos. It will work with most audio cards. Don’t worry, it wont interfere with your current audio driver. You can download VDM Sound here:

12. After installation go to the “Audio” folder of your Redguard directory, right click SETSOUND.exe and choose it to “Run with VDM Sound”

13. Follow the wizard and configure the game to Soundblaster Pro or just Soundblaster. Keep the original IRQ values. After your done, save and exit.

14. Go to your Redguard directory and make a new text file and open it.

15. Copy the following into the text file: CD "C:\Program Files\Redguard"(keep it in quotes) @DOSDRV @SAPUCDEX @RGFX

Now save the file as REDGUARD.BAT(remove the preselected .txt text while saving!)

That’s it! You could create a shortcut to REDGUARD.BAT on your desktop for easy access. If you get any errors ingnore them.

Have fun!