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This template creates a box with two to ten images arranged vertically or horizontally with captions for the entire box and/or for each images.


Multiple Images
Parameter Scope Description
align optional Defaults to "right"
direction optional Defaults to "horizontal"
header_align optional Defaults to "center"
footer_align optional Defaults to "left"
image1 required This is the name of first image. Similarly for image2, etc. without the File: prefix.
width1 optional This is the width of first image. Similarly for width2, etc.
width optional Overrides width1, width2, width3, etc. If you want the images to be different sizes, do not provide the width parameter. Defaults to 200.
caption1 optional This is the caption of first image. Similarly for caption2, etc.
link1 optional This is where the first page links to. Similarly for link2, etc. If not specified, image links to the image description page as usual. If specified to the empty value, the image does not link anywhere.
Important: If the image is under a free license like the GFDL or a CC license, you must not use this parameter as the terms of those licenses require the license, or a link to it, to be reproduced with the image. The image must, therefore, link to its image page. Public domain and (theoretically) fair use images are not subject to this restriction.
background color optional Defines the background color between the border of the box and the images.


{{Multiple Images
|image1=SI-place-Gates of Madness.jpg
|caption1=The Gates of Madness, as seen from the Shivering Isles proper
|image2=SI-quest-Rebuilding the Gatekeeper 02.jpg
|caption2=[[Shivering:Relmyna Verenim|Relmyna]] creates a new Gatekeeper
The Gates of Madness, as seen from the Shivering Isles proper
Relmyna creates a new Gatekeeper

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