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Attention.svg This template must be substituted onto a page because of the technical strain it would cause otherwise. To enforce this, the template will not work when it is not substituted. To substitute, replace the {{Daedric| part of the template with {{subst:Daedric|. Note: Due to the forced substitution, this template will appear to be unused. It should not be deleted unless replaced by a fully functioning substitution (i.e., not the {{DaedricFont}} template, which does not support the alternate characters).
Information icon.svg A better template for Daedric text now exists at Template:DaedricFont. Note that the DaedricFont template uses the alternate forms of the D, H, J, and U letters. In order to use the other versions, you can use this template with the standard versions of those letters.


This template replaces normal letters with daedric letters. In addition, it will replace any space given with the larger "figure space" character ( ). Five letters have alternate forms. In order to use them, use the following symbols (all of which are found in the markup below the edit window):

Orig Enter: Alt Enter:
J J J £
U U U ¿
X X X ×
Y Y Y ¥

Any non-alphabetic character other than those above or a standard space will not be altered by this template.


Parameter Scope Description
1 required The text to display.


{{subst:Daedric|The little gray fox jumped over the daedra nocturnal}}


To override forced substitution, add a parameter with no name and no value. (Do not do this without good reason.)

{{Daedric|The little gray fox jumped over the daedra nocturnal|=}}


Template Editing Notes[edit]

This template uses a blank parameter name with the default value of "subst:" to substitute the output of the template without having substitution take place within the template itself. When editing and previewing, this will look messy, as it was designed to. You can fix this by adding {{#preview:|}} to the beginning of the template.

Note also that most of the template code, including the file links and file names, must be in upper case or the #replace commands will replace them with Daedric letters.