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As the contents of the Crown Store are constantly changing, creating a permanent link can prove cumbersome. This template makes it easier to link to the 'all' subpage, which contains all past and present Crown Store offerings.


Crown Link
Parameter Scope Description
1 or
optional Entry to which to link. Defaults to the page itself if blank.
2 or
optional Text to display in the link.


Example 1[edit]

This example uses both parameters.

{{Crown Link|link=Black Fredas Special!|text=A special bundle}}

A special bundle

Example 2[edit]

This example uses both parameters but without names.

{{Crown Link|Black Fredas Special!|A special bundle}}

A special bundle

Example 3[edit]

This example uses just the link parameter.

{{Crown Link|Black Fredas Special!}}

Black Fredas Special!

Example 4[edit]

This example uses both parameters, but leaves the first one blank.

{{Crown Link||A special bundle}}

A special bundle

Example 5[edit]

With no parameters, the template displays a link to the Crown Store page.

{{Crown Link}}

Crown Store