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This template provides a uniform look for all cities, and should be used at the top of the pages. It automatically fills in the breadcrumb trails, primary image, and primary description. The description is also made available for other templates, such as {{Place Link}}.


Note that several parameters are case-insensitive for backwards compatibility. Lower-case parameters are customary for templates. Parameters marked as being "autolinked" can be provided either as links or plain text and will convert plain text to links.

City Summary
Parameter Scope Description
description required A description of the location.
image required The name of an image file for this place (without "File:" or [[brackets]]). If this parameter is missing, a NeedsImage banner will automatically be added to the quest article. In cases where an image is truly never needed, set image to "none".
titlename optional The name to use in the header. Defaults to {{SUBPAGENAME}}.
imgdesc optional Description of image. Optional, but should usually be provided with image.
sumimg optional The name of the image file that goes within the City Summary itself (without "File:" or [[brackets]]). Typically is a symbol or something related to the city itself, rather than an actual photo.
imgsize optional The size of sumimg. Defaults to 200px.
color optional The color of the headers. Defaults to #CCC.
textcolor optional The color of the text within the headers. Defaults to black.
locationcode optional Console location code.
location optional Where this place is located.
inns optional A list of inns in the city, starting with *
shops optional A list of shops in the city, starting with *
houses optional A list of houses in the city, starting with *
temples optional A list of temples in the city, starting with *
services optional A list of unique services in the city, starting with *
other optional A list of unique buildings in the city, starting with *
marker_icon optional Name of icon used for this place on the map. Icon will be added to the title of the infobox.
marker_id optional Name of marker used on the world map (e.g., 'Farm'). Auto-converted into the correct value of marker_icon.
notrail optional Specify a value to omit the trail from the page.