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Location Outer Camp (West)
Gender Female

Celegil is one of the few friendly faces inside Stormhold prison. She is a fellow prisoner, and will offer training for aid points. You will find her in a side passage in the West Outer Camp.

She is of a scholarly mindset, and quite ladylike. She trains Light Armor, Long Blade and Restoration.


When you meet her for the first time, she will greet you with: "Welcome stranger. Know that the dirt here is cleaner than those that have us dig in it. I cannot help you now for we might be seen, but return later."

On subsequent meetings, she will say one of three random greetings:

  • "Ah! I am all out of materials for scrolls and maps."
  • "I smell worse than the overseers, its [sic] driving me crazy."
  • "I miss the finer things, the delicate things, to take my mind of [sic] the coarseness I see every day."

If you attempt to befriend her, she will respond with:

  • No - "Time to go play with the worms. Goodbye."
  • Maybe - "I suspect I have better things to do."
  • Okay - "Is there something I can do to help?"
  • Yes - "I only hope my aid can be of some help."

If you attempt to threaten her, she will respond with:

  • Fail - "I suggest you rot so as to be some use to the world."
  • Success - "Varus has found an apt pupil, I see."

If you offer her a gift, she will respond with:

  • Reject - "So sorry, but I think I already have one."
  • Accept - "This is nice, thank you."
  • Like - "For me? This is so wonderful!"
  • Love - "You think of me even in the darkest of times. Thank you so much."

She may deny you training if you don't have any Aid Points with her, saying: "I cannot aid you until you aid yourself."

Unused Dialogue[edit]

The following lines of dialogue appear in Stormhold's files:

  • "The corruption here is unnatural. Now it begins to claim me. Please...find some hollow crystals."
  • "Better. Much better. Thank you."
  • "You have become something unnatural. Balance yourself before I train you."

They do not appear in the largest version of the game. They may be cut content or content exclusive to certain versions.[verification needed]



If you offer to give an item to a trainer but don't have anything in your inventory, they will reply with:

"You have nothing to give me!"

When you exit the message however, you will be speaking to Helga. Exiting conversation will reveal you are still beside the original NPC.