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Chain Lightning Damage[edit]

About Storm Atronach's and Storm Thrall's chain lightning damage, according to creation kit the actor SummonAtronachStorm has a chain lightning spell with magnitude 30 and SummonAtronachStormThrall has a chain lightning spell with magnitude 50. Doesn't that mean storm thrall's chain lightning does more damage? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 02:27 on 9 July 2013‎

The SummonAtronachStormThrall has no chain lightning spell at all (and even if, he isn't used). The spell Strom Thrall just summons the normal atronach versions (but infinitely). They do have this spell. You seem to refer to this one, that is used by the atronachs summoned by NPC's. So both the Storm Atronach and Thrall are of the same strength, but those of NPC's have at least one stronger spell. -- SarthesArai Talk 16:21, 9 July 2013 (GMT)
I was just debating this line "Due to an oversight, the Storm Thrall spell summons not these but instead just regular Storm Atronachs. The only difference, however, is the name, and the lack of healing ability." I think this oversight is a big deal because I am noticing a lot of differences in the creation kit.
1. SummonAtronachStormPotent (not SummonAtronachStormNPC) has a weaker crAtronachStormPCLightningBolt
2. Normal Potent Storm Atronach's calculated health/magicka/stamina are 383/238/114 while the Thrall's is 484/326/150.
From personal experience, Flame Thralls perform significantly better than normal Flame Atronachs (according to the creation kit, Flame Thralls have about twice the health of normal Flame Atronachs), so shouldn't storm thralls perform significantly better than their normal counterparts? If so, then isn't this oversight a big deal? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 23:13 on 9 July 2013

Bug: Flame thrall spell tome appears in apocrypha[edit]

Has anyone else had this occur? It's of note that it was not in a chest but rather a physical object in the world. (Xbox 360 version) — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 20:51 on 23 August 2013

It is a fixed location in The Sallow Regent. Will add it to the Spell Tome page. -- SarthesArai Talk 21:00, 23 August 2013 (GMT)