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Glitched Frostsalts[edit]

I talked to Farengar, received the quest to deliver frost salts to Arcadia, upon doing so she gives me a few potions and it say that the quest item "Farengar's Frost Salts" is removed. Later, I discovered they were still in my inventory. I checked my quest log and there isn't even a mention of the completed quest, or available quest. I talked to Arcadia and she has no dialog. I then used the resetquest command and set stage to where she again has the dialog for taking the delivery. This worked as expected. She gives the same potions and removes the quest item. Only it's still in my inventory. I can't use it at the alchemy bench, nor can I drop it. How to go about removing this now useless glitched item? Greyslayer 18:58, 15 February 2012 (UTC)

Duplicate quest entry[edit]

I got the quest from Farengar, I don't recall ever completing it normally but I could be wrong, regardless at some point in the game I noticed that I still had the entry for this quest in my journal, so I figured I would get it out of the way while I was Whiterun. I checked my ingredients, only to find that somehow farengar's frost salts had disappeared, I figured that either I had already completed the quest and it hadn't updated or that his frost salts had picked up a bug somewhere and vanished. Either way I decided to just use the console to setstage to 10 and give the new salts to arcadia, bam bugged quest taken care of. Much, Much, later, I noticed that I still had the quest in my journal, at first I assumed that my previous solution had occured in a different save so I did the setstage thing again, however since I wasn't in whiterun at the time I had time to actually look at my journal and notice that I now had TWO entries for this quest. One entry was at the top of the journal and behaved normally, i.e., one could select it to get an objective marker, hit the M key to zoom in on said marker on the map, and when the quest is complete it would be removed from my active quests (I don't know if the quest is removed to completed quests or just disappears.) The other entry is near the bottom of my misc quests and does none of these things, it can't be selected, there are no objective markers for it and any changes made to "FreeformWhiterunQuest05" via console do not affect it in any way, they only apply to a "new" quest entry. I run a lot of mods, but very few of them, with the exception of of the unnofficial patches, have any relation to quests, and I can't see any reason why the console wouldn't be able to affect this quest unless one of said mods created a duplicate or renamed version of it and I really can't see any reason one of them would do that. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 03:49 on 19 October 2012‎