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Skyrim Mod:Aldmeri Anti-mage

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Aldmeri Anti-mage
Original Release December 5, 2023
Size 19.58 MB (PC), 19.97 MB (Xbox)
Version 1.00
Filename ccrs001.esl
PC (Special Edition)
Xbox One
Aldmeri Anti-mage banner
From Creator Niero comes this lavish Thalmor robe, offering a simple yet stunning outfit for players’ wardrobes. Just because you spend a lot of time adventuring doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it.Official Summary

Official Description

Adds a four piece set of Thalmor light-armor, worn by Thalmor Justicar [sic] Mages and Craftable with the Elven Smithing perk.

Adds a four piece set of Thalmor light-armor regailia [sic], worn by Thalmor Justicar [sic] Mages as they suppress Talos worship accross [sic] Skyrim. Craftable with the Elven Smithing perk, or taken by force from the Thalmor themselves! Created by Calder "Niero" Ross


  • Armor
  • Crafting




  • All four pieces can also be purchased from Endarie.
  • Versions crafted by the player or sold by Endarie are unenchanted. Versions of the armguards, boots, and hood looted from Thalmor are also unenchanted; however, versions of the regalia looted from Thalmor bear an enchantment.
  • The creation was originally published to the website on July 18, 2023 but hidden until its official release. It received an update during this period as well on September 22, 2023.