Skyrim:Worker's House

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Worker's House
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
Mixwater Mill
The front of the Worker's House

The Worker's House is an abandoned house at Mixwater Mill.

It is located next door to Gilfre's House at Mixwater Mill, southwest of Windhelm, southeast of Gallows Rock, on the banks of White River.

Worker's House[edit]

Interior of house

This building was used to house the five workers at Mixwater Mill, until they all decided to join the civil war. The owner Gilfre has plenty to say about them. The house itself is a single-roomed dwelling that has been stripped of most of its valuables and furnishing. Inside nothing is owned and free to take. It has been left in a shocking state with an overturned chair and clutter all over the floor. Against the southwest wall, to the left of the entrance is a long wooden table and bench. There are four bottles of alto wine, a bottle of wine, two bottles of Nord mead, three chicken's eggs and several loaves of bread on the table, while above it, hanging from the ceiling are three garlic braids, three bunches of dried elves ear and three bunches of dried frost mirriam. There is a food barrel to the left and a basket containing potatoes to the right. Further to the right are two more barrels, with two potions of minor stamina and a potion of minor healing on top of one of them. Hanging from the ceiling above the barrels are two racks holding four rabbits and a pheasant, with a second pheasant having fallen to the floor.

In the northern corner, the eastern corner and coming out of the northeast wall, to the left of the fireplace are three single unowned beds. They all have empty wooden chests at the foot of them. In front of the fireplace is a round wooden table and two chairs, with a bottle of Nord mead, an iron dagger and five loose septims on top. There is a bottle of wine and three bottles of Nord mead on the mantelpiece, with another bottle of Nord mead on the hearth alongside a stand where a cooking pot used to hang. On the floor by the hearth is an overturned kettle that contained four pheasant breasts, that are now spread out from it and another food barrel to the right of the fireplace.


  • The house is never locked.
  • A pheasant may be glitched into the floor by the table.