Skyrim:The Battle for Fort Amol

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Prepare for the final assault on Windhelm by taking Fort Amol for the Imperials.
Quest Giver: Legate Rikke
Location(s): Eastmarch Imperial Camp, Fort Amol
Prerequisite Quest: Rescue from Fort Kastav
Next Quest: Battle for Windhelm
Concurrent Quest: Reunification of Skyrim—Umbrella quest
Reward: Leveled Gold
ID: CWFortSiegeFort
Suggested Level: 6
Imperial Archers attacking a Stormcloak Soldier.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Report for duty to Legate Rikke at the Eastmarch Imperial Camp.
  2. Join the Legion soldiers staging for the attack.
  3. Clear the fort of Stormcloak rebels.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Report for Duty[edit]

Report for duty to Legate Rikke at the Eastmarch Imperial Camp, where she will give you orders to rendezvous with a group of Imperial soldiers preparing to attack Fort Amol and to assist in the assault.

Join the Soldiers Preparing the Assault[edit]

Make your way to Fort Amol and meet with the group of soldiers. As you approach the group, they will begin the assault.

Take the Fort[edit]

Assist your fellow soldiers in clearing the fort of Stormcloak rebels while the game updates you with the percentage of enemies remaining. The battle takes place in the exterior parts of the fort only, in the courtyard and on the walls. The entrance is blocked by wooden barricades, but these can be easily brought down by melee attacks.

Once you have killed all Stormcloak rebels the quest will be completed and the Reunification of Skyrim questline will recommence.


  • Corpses will disappear shortly after death, so you may wish to loot them as you go to avoid missing out.


  • Occasionally you may be wrongly given a Stormcloak quest, The Battle for Fort Snowhawk. In this case, Imperial soldiers will not appear near the fort, making it impossible to join them. The fort is empty, making it impossible to take it. Although it may appear that necromancers took the fort before the battle, no necromancers appear either. Proceeding directly to Fort Amol and killing all of the Stormcloak soldiers there will not complete the quest either.
  • When you go to Regain Eastmarch and you have to talk to Legate Rikke, sometimes you don't get the option to "Report for Duty". This disables you from continuing the quest until you can get that option. Sometimes when you go to Join the Men, you can't find them and they are not there. When you go to take Fort Amol, you can't find the Stormcloaks. This leads to the quest being unable to finish.
    • On PC Use the command player.setstage CWFortSiegeFort 100 as it spawns the Stormcloaks and the Imperials, however make sure to do it at the Imperial rendezvous point, since the Stormcloaks will be hostile.
    • Simply exiting conversation and talking to Legate Rikke again may offer the option.
    • If Rikke offers dialogue other than "Report for duty", such as "Why did you join the Imperials" (or similar), select those conversations first. The "Report for duty" dialogue option may then appear.
    • If a dragon attacks the Imperial Camp, this will cause all of the inhabitants (including Legate Rikke) to attack the dragon. After the dragon has been dispatched, the "Report for Duty" dialogue option will appear.
    • Conjuring an atronach in the middle of camp, then killing it may also fix this.
    • Not Fast Traveling to Fort Amol, but walking to the location from another combined with a reduced inventory and confirming the presence of walking Stormcloaks and interacting with them (not attacking or killing until the battle) after the Battle of Fort Sungard, again before talking to General Tullius, again before talking to Legate Rikke to start the 'Battle of Fort Amol' quest and then walking to Fort Amol has resolved the disappearing soldiers issue for some.
    • See talk page for other possible fixes.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Battle for Fort Amol (CWFortSiegeFort)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Legate Rikke has sent me to assist in taking Fort Amol from the enemy.
Objective 10: Join the men attacking Fort Amol
Objective 100: Take over Fort Amol by defeating the enemy (<Global=CWPercentPoolRemainingDefender>% Remaining)
9000 Finishes quest☑ We have succeeded in taking Fort Amol from the enemy.
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