Skyrim:Fort Neugrad Treasure Map

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Book Information
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Found in the following locations:
Fort Neugrad Treasure Map
A treasure map to a hidden Bandit treasure cache (map).

SR-book-Fort Neugrad Treasure Map.png

Explicit Instructions

  • Starting at the barricade directly in front of Fort Neugrad, move due east down towards the lake.
  • The log on the lakeshore with Mora Tapinella growing on it is your first landmark.
  • Take a small path up from the lake behind that log to two gold ore veins.
  • Drop down back to the lakeshore and take your first path up from the shore. There should be a large evergreen tree growing in the path.
  • Continue through past two more evergreens and then a large boulder.
  • In the open snowy area look for two small boulders in a nook along the mountain. The chest is behind them.


  • The chest may not be there at all, even if you are holding the map.
    • This bug is fixed by version 1.3 of the Official Skyrim Patch.
    • Pc22.png The chest can be spawned to the hidden spot by using the console command "ec3d5".placeatme 10e05e.