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Evul Seloth
(RefID: xx039D12)
Added by Dragonborn
Home City Raven Rock
Location Raven Rock Mine
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 10 Class Miner
RefID xx039D12 BaseID xx039D10
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Protected Yes
Voice Type MaleDarkElf
Faction(s) DLC2RavenRockMinersFaction; DLC2CrimeRavenRockFaction
Evul Seloth

Evul Seloth is a Dark Elf miner who lives in Raven Rock Mine after it is reopened. He wears miner's clothes and boots, and he carries a steel dagger, a pickaxe, and a selection of common items and gold.


He shares dialogue with his fellow miners:

"It's good to get back to mining after all these years."
"This mine's amazing! Have you ever seen so much ebony in your life?"
"I've been out of the business so long, I almost forgot how to swing a pickaxe."
"Good to know that the mine's safe again. I heard a lot of strange things happened here."
"Getting your hands dirty, outlander?"
"Help yourself to as much ore as you like... you've earned it."
"I haven't set foot in these mines for ages. It's strange being back after so long."
"There's nothing quite like the sound of metal striking rock."
"Nice to be making some coin again."
"Thanks to House Redoran getting these mines reopened, I can provide for my family again."
"Welcome to Raven Rock Mine, outlander."


  • He shares a surname with Malur Seloth, who lives in Winterhold, but there is no indication that they are related.