Skyrim:Charmed Necklace

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Unique Item: Charmed Necklace (000c72e8)
Type Amulet
Editor ID WERJ06JewelryNecklaceGold
Weight Weight 0.5 Value Value 790
Carrying capacity increased by 25 points.
Charmed Necklace

The Charmed Necklace is an amulet that is carried by a Reveler who may be randomly encountered beside the road anywhere in Skyrim. In appearance, this amulet is identical to a gold necklace. The necklace's enchantment increases your carry weight by 25 points.

To obtain the necklace, you must either have a bottle of Honningbrew Mead in your inventory, or pickpocket/kill the reveler. If you choose to obtain the necklace without thievery or bloodshed, select the "Why only have one bottle when you can have two?" dialogue option when the reveler approaches you. He will say "Ysmir's beard! You're one after my own heart. I would love another bottle. This good deed should not go unrewarded. Here, take this!" and will reward you with the necklace.