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Spell School Rank Effect Magicka Cost Purchase Price
Flames Destruction Novice Damage: 8 (+1/s for 1-5s) 14 N/A
Firebolt Destruction Apprentice Damage: 16 (+2/s for 1-5s) 41 600G
Fireball Destruction Adept Damage: 24 (+3/s for 1-5s to All Enemies) 82 1,000G
Incinerate Destruction Expert Damage: 32 (+4/s for 1-5s) 123 1,500G
Frostbite Destruction Novice Damage: 8 (+Slows Enemy for 3s) 16 200G
Ice Spike Destruction Apprentice Damage: 16 (+Slows Enemy for 6s) 48 600G
Ice Storm Destruction Adept Damage: 24 (+Slows All Enemies for 9s) 85 1,000G
Icy Spear Destruction Expert Damage: 32 (+Slows Enemy for 12s) 125 1,500G
Sparks Destruction Novice Damage: 8 (+10% Stagger) 19 200G
Lightning Bolt Destruction Apprentice Damage: 16 (+15% Stagger) 51 600G
Chain Lightning Destruction Adept Damage: 24 (+6-12 to All Enemies) 88 1,000G
Thunderbolt Destruction Expert Damage: 32 (+20% Stagger) 127 1,500G
Oakflesh Alteration Novice Defense: +30 for 60s 99 500G
Stoneflesh Alteration Apprentice Defense: +40 for 60s 149 1,000G
Ironflesh Alteration Adept Defense: +50 for 60s 199 1,500G
Ebonyflesh Alteration Expert Defense: +60 for 60s 249 2,000G
Bound Sword Conjuration Novice Damage: 9 (Magic Weapon for 120s) 93 1,200G
Bound Battleaxe Conjuration Apprentice Damage: 16 (Magic Weapon for 120s) 169 1,600G
Bound Bow Conjuration Adept Damage: 24 (Magic Weapon for 120s) 207 2,000G
Conjure Familiar Conjuration Novice Damage: 5/5S for 30S 107 2,000G
Conjure Flame Atronach Conjuration Apprentice Damage: 7/5s for 30s 150 2,500G
Conjure Frost Atronach Conjuration Adept Damage: 9/5s for 30s 215 2,500G
Conjure Storm Atronach Conjuration Expert Damage: 11/5s for 30s 322 3,000G
Healing Restoration Novice Healing: 10 + 1/Bumper Hit 12 N/A
Fast Healing Restoration Apprentice Healing: 20 + 2/Bumper Hit 25 1,000G
Close Wounds Restoration Adept Healing: 30 + 3/Bumper Hit 50 2,000G