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Watchman Maujad
Home City Sentinel
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Watchman Maujad

Watchman Maujad is a Redguard who can be found in Sentinel.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

"You might want to get back on your boat, seafarer. The dead are crawling from the sea and they have overtaken the docks.
There is nothing to be done. We just have to pray to Tu'whacca that they wander away."
Why aren't you fighting the zombies?
"Zombies? Such a crude term! These Ra-Netu are the remains of sailors who shipwrecked off the coast!
We respect our dead here in the Alik'r desert! Even those who died at sea are honored ancestors. We do not fight them—we would be cursed!"
Will I be cursed for fighting them?
"No. You are an outsider. These are not your ancestors, and as such there is no dishonor in striking them down, no curse.
But the fact that the dead have risen at all … it is terrible. We have strict laws … this should not happen here!"
How did it happen?
"I do not know … and I fear we have only made the situation worse.
We thought we could contain them … we built barricades and tried to herd them away but … it was to no avail. Now I fear, we are in even greater danger."
What can I do to help?
"My fellow guards will not strike the Ra-Netu either—Jessmyn, Pierjean, and Emydal—I fear for their lives.
Please, find them and send them away, then meet at the warehouse. The dockmaster hides there, and he may know the cause of all this."
All right. I'll help the other guards and then meet you at the warehouse.
"Go on. I must catch my breath, then I will meet you at the warehouse.
Thank you, seafarer, and may the gods be with you."

Later you'll find Maujad lying on the floor of the northeast Warehouse.

"<Maujad appears to have been struck down by unholy magic.>"

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