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ON-qico-Companion.png Help mercenary Sharp-as-Night track down a bounty target.
Zone: Apocrypha
Location(s): Necrom, Necrom Outlaws Refuge, Gorne
Reward: Sharp-as-Night, Companion
Average Leveled gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 7017
Sharp needs help tracking down his target
Mercenary Sharp-as-Night needs my help tracking down someone named Reynila Treviri. He thinks Reynila sent rival mercenaries to throw him off her trail. I agreed to help Sharp gather information on Reynila's last known whereabouts.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Just west of the gates of Necrom is an Argonian wielding two axes, looking around like he's watching for something. As you approach, a mercenary appears in a burst of smoke and lunges at him.

Sharp-as-Night: "Hands off or I'll gut you like the rest!"

He easily dispatches his assailant before speaking to you.

Sharp-as-Night: "What? Never seen an assassin get put out of work before?"

You can speak to him to find out more:

"You … You're not with these third-rate assassins. I can tell.
But if you or anyone else puts a hand on me, I'm answering with my axes."
What's going on here?
"I've been cutting down these mercenaries for the better part of the day. I'm guessing my target knows I'm on to her and has started sending them my way.
My associate Harn Orenvi might know something about it, but I can't bring this heat to him."
Do you need someone to relay a message?
"More like gather information. And if you're offering, I can pay you.
Harn usually holds court in the Outlaws Refuge. He'll be the only one there with bodyguards. Ask him if Reynila Treviri's been through recently. Got it?"
I'll ask Harn Orenvi about Reynila for you.

With that, you can start the quest and head to the Outlaw's refuge a few steps west of Sharp, or you can ask him some more questions. When you finish talking to him, he'll add:

Sharp-as-Night: "And listen, don't mention me to Harn. It probably won't do you any favors."

Head to the Necrom Outlaws Refuge and find Sharp-as-Night's contact. From the entrance nearest to Sharp, you'll pass by a Pahmar-raht bodyguard, Piranirr, who warns you not to waste Harn's time if you speak to her. You'll find the man himself just across from the bank, and as you approach, a scene of a Dark Elf man begging on his knees to Harn Orenvi plays out, as another of Harn's thugs watches on:

Falvis Fedos: "Please, Harn. They're not just flowers, they're—"
Harn Orenvi: "Surely a man of your talents can grow more? Now, move. Others wait in need of my counsel."

Falvis leaves to stand by the far wall and mope. Finally, you can approach Harn to speak with him.

"Your face isn't familiar to me, but I'd know that look anywhere. You want something from me. Information, probably.
Well? What is it you're looking for?"
I'm looking for Reynila Treviri.
"Reynila Treviri. Really.
I may know something about her. Perhaps you can enlighten me on why it is you're seeking her."
My business with Reynila is personal.
"All right, don't get so touchy, f'lah.
Reynila was through recently. I can tell you what I know, but not without a favor in return. Why don't you deliver these red flowers I just gathered to some dear friends of mine?"

At this point in dialogue you are presented with three choices. If you don't have the necessary skills for the other dialogues, you have to agree to his request.

Dialogue Choice: Delivering Flowers[edit]

Delivering flowers? I can do that.

"Brelynn Ardas and Menredius Cortin will be my recipients. Brelynn likes to shoot dice outside the palace. Cortin should be hawking his wares by the fountain.
Meet me at the tavern when you're done, and I'll tell you where you might find Reynila."
I'll deliver these flowers and then meet you at the tavern.

You can speak with him for more information, as well.

"Brelynn and Cortin shouldn't give you any trouble. And if they bother you with questions, just remember not to give them anything for free."
Why exactly do you need me to deliver these flowers?
"I don't, f'lah. Not really. But I don't do anything for free. Can you imagine the damage that would do to my reputation?
You want something from me. I want to have some fun. This way, we both end up happy."
The flowers are some kind of message, aren't they?
"I do love your little questions, but if we keep going on like this, those flowers will wilt before they reach their intended recipients.
Let's just say they serve as a reminder that I have them in my thoughts. Now, run along, will you?"
Fine, I'll deliver your floral message.

As you leave, he'll call out after you:

Harn Orenvi: "Be quick about it. Meet me at the tavern when you're done."

Heading through the north entrance will take you to the Necrom Underways, and to get to the city proper you'll have to follow the passage west of you. From there, take the path west and south until you reach the fountain, then turn left and head up the nearby stairs. A finely dressed merchant stands by a cart laden with incense, peddling his wares:

Menredius Cortin: "Try Cortin's Astounding Cordial. Guaranteed to restore energy, sharpen your mind, help your eyesight, and more!"

He's one of the people you've been asked to deliver flowers to, so go and speak with him.

"Are you here to try Cortin's Cordial, the new improved formula with half the bitterness and twice the benefits?
One sip will get you hooked! Guaranteed!"
I've been asked to give this to you.
"For me? Is it from …?
Oh no!"

He panics, yelling out as he runs off into the city.

Menredius Cortin: "I need more time. Please! The cordial will catch on, I promise!"

If you follow the direction he ran off in, head east, then southeast until you can't go any further without climbing the stairs. Take the northeast path, and keep heading east and then south into a covered alleyway. A pair of gamblers play, kneeling on the stone as one rolls a handful of dice.

Frall: "Face it, Brelynn. Luck's just not with you today."
Brelynn Ardas: "Shut it, Frall."
Frall: "Know when to quit, lady."

Frall walks off, disappearing into Palace View Apartments as Brelynn stands up in frustration.

"Interested in a game of dice, my dear? Or perhaps you want to buy me a drink?"
Brelynn Ardas? I have a delivery for you.
"For me? You charmer. What's the occasion? If you're in such a generous mood, the evening could be ours to spend however we choose."
Actually, this is from Harn Orenvi.
"You horrible fetcher! I can't believe you delivered Harn's message. Leave me alone. I have to figure out how I'm going to get him out of my hair."

She's angered by this, but you can either report back to Harn or ask why she's so upset, but she's cagey about it:

What's the significance of the flower?
"Its significance is that Harn Orenvi is a double-dealing, dishonest, conniving s'wit!
I'll give him what he's asking for. And a piece of my mind with it!"
Do you owe him money?
"I'm not stupid enough to get myself into debt to Harn Orenvi, you fetcher. He's blackmailing me for—
Never mind what it's for! Get out of my face, now!"

Once you finish talking to her she'll rant to herself for a moment before pulling out a clipboard and quill to write something with.

Brelynn Ardas: "That odious, oily bastard! I wish someone would claw out his other eye!"

With that, you can head to the Mourner's Solace Inn to meet Harn and find out what he knows about Reynila. Up the east stairwell, you can find him reclining in an alcove, occasionally sipping from a mug of what is likely alcohol. His two guards flank him as Menredius Cortin speaks with him.

Harn Orenvi: "You can't just go making claims about this cordial, Menredius. It has to actually work."
Menredius Cortin: "I'll try using columbine flowers in the next batch. I'll just need to find a steady supply. You'll get a return on your investment soon, Harn. I promise!"
Harn Orenvi: "Well, if it isn't my flower f'lah."

Go and speak with him.

"Back, and right quick. Brelynn's sent me a piece of her mind—it got here just before you did. Along with the information I wanted from her.
I ought to be careful with you. The last time I had someone so efficient working for me, I lost my eye."
I delivered your flowers. What can you tell me about Reynila?
"Keep your voice down, all right?
Reynila was through recently. She sought out Deredrien, a fence who specializes in moving specialty items."
Where can I find Deredrien?
"She keeps a room at the Palace View Apartments, just around the corner.
But do be careful. Deredrien and Reynila fell out some time ago, and they might not appreciate you dredging that bad blood between them."
Thanks for the information. I'll seek out Deredrien.

With that, you can head down to Deredrien's place, or ask one more question:

"If you have further business with me, get right to it. If you don't, you're blocking my view."
What happened to your eye?
"Oh, this. I got too chummy with a certain Argonian associate of mine. All I did was put a hand on his shoulder to get his attention.
Apparently, it was the wrong move. He let me know with a nasty swipe of his claws."
He attacked you for touching him?
"Can't say I blame him. I've attacked people for far less.
I haven't seen this associate of mine for quite some time. Pity. I'd like to thank him properly for what he did."
Thank him by getting even?
"No, just thank him. This scar gives me a subtle air of menace that has done wonders for my business.
I don't hold it against him, but the same can't be said for my bodyguards—so I suppose it's for the best that he keeps his distance."

Dialogue Choice: Smooth-talking Harn[edit]

If you have a relevant passive skill, you can skip delivering the flowers (and talking to Harn later) altogether by simply telling him some useful information.

[Alchemy 7] Those columbine flowers are useful to alchemists. You're just giving them away? (only appears if you have the relevant skill)
"Are they really? Well, aren't you a clever one.
Since you've made yourself useful, I'll tell you that Reynila came through recently seeking Deredrien, a fence who specializes in moving specialty items."
[Persuade] Actually, I'm looking for Reynila on behalf of Sharp-as-Night.
"Sharp-as-Night? I like that lizard. And I hear I'm not the only one.
That's useful information, f'lah. I'll tell you what you want to know. Reynila was through recently. She sought out Deredrien, a fence who specializes in moving specialty items."

Both outcomes then lead you down the same dialogue path:

Where can I find Deredrien?
"She keeps a room in town. I'll mark it on your map.
Careful, though—Deredrien and Reynila were old friends, but they fell out some time ago. Asking after one might cause the other to be very … sharp with her answers."
Thanks for the information. I'll seek out Deredrien.

From here, you can head directly to Deredrien's place, or ask about Harn's eye:

"If you have further business with me, get right to it. If you don't, you're blocking my view."
What happened to your eye?
(Continues same as above)

Tracking Down Reynila[edit]

Twin Lamps

Heading to Palace View Apartments, head up the stairs to find Deredrien's place. It's abandoned, and left in a state of disarray. As you enter her room, Sharp will be on your heels, wiping sweat from his face.

Sharp-as-Night: "Hey. Told you I'd find you."
Sharp-as-Night: "Reynila was here, huh? Let's have a look around."

You can talk to him, or get to work searching Deredrien's place. Sharp has a comment for every piece of evidence you look at. Examining a nearby pile of scattered papers:

Sharp-as-Night: "Looks like debt collection notices. Not helpful to us."

On a nearby table lies a meal, a bottle of wine, and a Letter to Deredrien. The note, signed with the initials "R.T.", says that the author is desperate, and that "We're camped across the river from the old Sailenmora outpost, heading north across the road between two boulders". The letter also promises Deredrien help in exchange for hers, help getting away from someone called "the Reformer".

Sharp-as-Night: "Is this Deredrien's place? Seems like a wanted woman, whoever she is."

An upturned rotmeth flask lays nearby on a crate, and upon examination:

Sharp-as-Night: "Blegh, rotmeth! Makes me wish I was born without nostrils. Can't understand how anyone drinks the stuff."

Discuss the clues with Sharp-as-Night to plan your next move.

"Let me see that letter.
So, Reynila came by, pestering this Deredrien for help. Why?"
Deredrien is a fence who moves specialty items. Harn said she and Reynila used to be friends.
"Great. Well, maybe they patched things up and Deredrien went to go help her.
Though that doesn't explain why she'd leave behind a note that says exactly where she's gone. Especially if she's trying to hide from this Reformer that Reynila mentioned."
Is the Reformer the one who hired you to find Reynila, then?
"Maybe. My job broker told me to track down Reynila and take back what she stole for an important client.
He didn't give other details, and that's usually fine with me. No memory of my past makes no answers an easy pill for me to swallow."
No memories of your past? You have amnesia?
"I woke up a few years back in the middle of Valenwood with a nasty headache and no memory except my name.
But that doesn't have anything to do with the job. Let's get to that campsite. I'll scout ahead and see if we can take Reynila by surprise."
All right. I'll meet you at Reynila's campsite.
"Great. If all goes well, then we can both get paid and … go our separate ways, I guess."

You can ask further about his amnesia, or drop the subject. Either way, when you finish talking with him he'll walk away with a word of advice:

Sharp-as-Night: "Meet you there. And don't go blundering in without me."

Reynila's campsite is directly southwest of the Fungal Lowlands Wayshrine. Sharp is already waiting just outside. Speak with him.

"I scouted ahead. That campsite is crawling with the mercenaries that attacked me. Seems like they're searching or waiting for … something.
But that got me thinking. Why would those mercenaries be after both me and Reynila?"
I thought you said Reynila was the one sending mercenaries after you.
"I thought about that on the way over, too. If Reynila could afford to hire mercenaries, she wouldn't be desperate for Deredrien's help, like she was in that note we found. Right?
Something else is going on here."
What should we do?
"That campsite is the only lead we have on finding Reynila. If we can get there, maybe we can find something to keep us on her trail.
I'm not used to looking out for others. Can you handle yourself if we run into trouble?"
I can handle myself in a fight. Let's go.

Head into the campsite to investigate. There are mercenaries around, and in the middle is the corpse of a mercenary, arm outstretched towards a scroll. The orders include a list of 'operatives', supplied by Deredrien, who seems to have betrayed Reynila and given the mercenaries information on whatever group she's working for. Sharp will recognize the two lanterns signal mentioned in the notes.

Sharp-as-Night: "Wait. Those lanterns …. This is Reynila's signal? I think I've seen it before."

Ahead is a pair of lanterns, one lit up pale green. Upon examining them, Sharp will notice something.

Sharp-as-Night: "Look! Someone left a trail. Crouch down and you'll see it."

Sneaking will allow you to see a pair of similarly glowing green footprints directly west of the lanterns. Follow them a short way up the hill to find the corpses of a mercenary and Deredrien, along with a Letter from the Reformer. The letter has a welcoming tone, promising to get rid of Deredrien's debts to Harn Orenvi in exchange for leading a band of mercenaries to Reynila's campsite, as well as paying extra for any information on Reylina's organization.

The note then takes an oddly personal turn, with instructions to abandon all other orders and capture Sharp-as-Night if they cross paths. The Reformer specifies that he must be alive, and promises three times the agreed fee for his capture. Tell Sharp about your findings.

"Well, if Deredrien came here to help Reynila, it doesn't seem like she did a very good job. And no other sign of Reynila, or the one she was traveling with.
What are those notes? What did you find out?"
Deredrien betrayed Reynila. She sold her out to the Reformer and led mercenaries to the campsite.
"Right. She threw in with the Reformer … who told her to prioritize my capture over Reynila's? What?
And he's the one who hired me? Without knowing it? This is the last time I ever find work through a job broker."
And you really don't know what you were hired to take back from Reynila?
"No, but we can piece it together. The fence moving specialty items. The two-lantern signal. The list of operatives. This person called Dim who the Reformer wants back alive.
Reynila isn't traveling alone with some trinket. She's freeing a slave."
Then why is the Reformer after you, too?
"I don't want to think about that right now.
This can't be all there is. There has to be someone who can give us answers. There was another name I saw—Mevei. In Ald Isra, right? That's not far. If we can find her, maybe she can tell us more."
Let's find Mevei in Ald Isra, then.
Sharp-as-Night: "I'll meet you there. I just need a minute."

Ald Isra is to the west, just beside Tel Rendys. Mevei is reading a book by a cart with two lanterns, just east of the Servant's Quarters. Sharp watches from afar, hidden by a cart. As you approach, he'll turn to you before going to confront Mevei.

Sharp-as-Night: "See that? Two lanterns—that's got to be Mevei."
Mevei Andros: "Sharp-as-Night? By Azura, after all these years, is it really you?"
Sharp-as-Night: "I was afraid you'd say something like that."

Finally, Mevei can give some answers about everything going on and Sharp's place in it all.

"I don't know you, and I've never met Sharp. But the way my Reynila spoke of him, I'd recognize him anywhere!
Are you one of her connections? Have you been watching over him all this time? Did he finally remember Reynila?"
I'm helping Sharp, but we only just met. He remembers nothing of his life before a few years ago.
"The Reformer uses experimental magic on his slaves. Reynila didn't understand the process, and when she excised it from Sharp to free him, it tore something from him. His memories, she thought.
Reynila never forgave herself for what happened."
Where is Reynila now? We have reason to believe she's in danger.
"She put herself on assignment. She's freeing another from the Reformer. I haven't heard from her, but that's how these things often go.
Forgive me, it's only just occurred to me, but if Sharp has no memories of Reynila … how did you find me?"
Deredrien betrayed Reynila to work for the Reformer. We found these notes on his mercenaries.
"What? Deredrien … No! Reynila needed her help to find the smuggler's tunnels in Gorne. She'd arranged for a boat to take them to safety.
If it's just the two of them in those tunnels—I need to get to her. Please, can you help?"
We can head to Gorne and find Reynila.

Mevei can be asked questions about Reynila, the Reformer, and Sharp, but either way when you're done speaking with her, she'll ask Sharp for help.

Mevei Andros: "Sharp, Reynila would say that you're under no obligation to help. But, please—"
Sharp-as-Night: "I'm on my way. Where are these smuggler's tunnels you mentioned?"
Mevei Andros: "I think there's a secret entrance in the southwest tunnels. I'll follow shortly. Please—hurry!"


Gorne is north of Necrom, but the boat to Gorne is west of the city. Meet Sharp on the docks of the island of Gorne and speak with him.

"You're here after all. I was about to reel in this piece of my past without you.
I thought maybe you decided to move on."
Why'd you think that?
"This is far beyond what I hired you for. Isn't it?
Maybe you're like me, and you never pass up a payday. But I probably wouldn't even have stopped to help someone like me in the first place."
Well, I'm here. Are you ready to find Reynila?
"Gorne is packed to the brim with mad wizards. Doesn't make it too different from rest of the peninsula, but I've heard worse things have moved in recently.
I guess what I'm saying is I'll watch your back in there so long as you're watching mine."
Let's get going and find Reynila.

Make your way through Gorne. Sharp will comment as you progress.

Sharp-as-Night: "Maybe Reynila and the one she's with sneaked through instead of fighting? Can't imagine a fight going well for them."

In the southern end of Gorne, through a series of tunnels is the Smuggler's Hideout. Push aside the vines and head through. As you exit the caves into a clearing, you'll find Reynila Treviri doubled over... and a pair of mercenaries facing her with their weapons drawn. Once you engage them, Reynila will start speaking.

Reynila Treviri: "I won't let you take her back!"
Sharp-as-Night: "They've got her cornered. Hey, fetchers! Looking for me?"
Reynila Treviri: "Sharp? Help us, please!"

While the mercenaries are occupied with you and Sharp, Reynila will limp to a heavy-looking wooden door just behind her and make her escape. Several waves of Reformer mercenaries pour through a nearby portal, including the Reformer Sun Mage Captain. Once she's defeated, Sharp will follow after Reynila.

Sharp-as-Night: "Reynila went through that door. She looked hurt. Bad."

Head through after him to find an Argonian in rags tending to Reynila. As you approach, Reynila will step away to lie down. The Argonian, meanwhile, will seem to recognize Sharp, approaching him almost hesitantly. Mevei will be hot on your heels, kneeling at Reynila's side.

Reynila Treviri: "Sharp, please. Help her."
Dimik-ei: "Kaj-kujei? What are you doing here?"
Sharp-as-Night: "What did you just call me?"
Mevei Andros: "Reynila, I'm here. Just stay still."

Speak with Reynila.

"You're Sharp's friend? I had feared he spent all those years alone. But he found someone. He found … you.
His sister, Dimik-ei. So close to freedom. Promise you'll help her. Take her the rest of the way, please. Help her."
Can we help you first?
"Too late for me. Deredrien and those mercenaries made sure of that.
I never wanted my Mevei to get caught up in all this. To have to run forever from the Reformer. And the others. He'll never stop until Sharp is his again."
Can the Reformer be stopped?
"I didn't have time. There's so much I could have done. I just couldn't do it on my own.
Sharp looks strong. Healthy. I'm sorry … so sorry …. But glad to see him one last time."
Mevei Andros: "Reynila? Stay with me, love. Please. Reynila?"

Reynila stills, and Mevei is left crying over her body. Dimik-ei is horrified, and even Sharp seems to be mourning in his own way. Speak with Dimik-ei.

"Reynila …. She can't be gone. She fought so hard to protect me. What am I going to do?
We were supposed to have help. I thought maybe you and Sharp—but I can see it in his eyes. He doesn't remember me, does he? He doesn't remember anything."
What did you call him when you saw him?
"Kaj-kujei. Elder brother. It's what I always called him.
Reynila didn't know how to properly excise him from the Reformer's attunement back then. Like the others. Like me."
You're Sharp's sister?
"Deek-nujei. His little sister. I don't think we had the same parents, but that was what he called me. He was there from the day I hatched.
He always said he would come back for me. Help me escape. I'd given up all hope."
Where was Reynila planning to take you?
"I don't know. She said something about a safe house in Silent Mire, but our final destination was somewhere deep in Black Marsh.
We barely escaped Deredrien. And now, Reynila's gone. I don't know what I'm going to do."
We'll figure something out.

Check in with Sharp after speaking with Dimik-ei.

"We were too late.
I thought something might come back to me, seeing Reynila. She knew me. And now she's just gone.'
Dimik-ei remembers you. She says she's your sister. Apparently you grew up together.
"I don't feel any memories stirring when I look at her, either. Just … nothing.
I gave up on finding answers about my past a long time ago. I don't understand why this had to happen now."
Are you going to help Dimik-ei?
"Help her? I'm a mercenary. I don't know how to look out for someone like her.
And if this Reformer is as powerful and dangerous as everyone's said, there's not a place in Tamriel that is going to be safe for her anyway."
But the Reformer is after you, too.
"He's more than after me. He's obsessed with me. But that I can do something about. If I could just track him down ….
That's what I have to do. Find the Reformer, and be his end. But you heard Reynila. If I try to do it alone, I'll end up like her."
Are you asking for my help?
"Going after the Reformer is a different job for a different day. Hunting my hunter is going to take time and patience.
For now, take your payment. And if you'd like me watching your back wherever you're headed next, send for me. I'll be there."

With that, Sharp will give you some gold, and can now be summoned as a companion. Mevei will speak up.

Mevei Andros: "Dimik-ei, Reynila got you this far. I'll take you the rest of the way. And then I'm never coming back to Morrowind."
Sharp-as-Night: "Where are you taking her?"
Mevei Andros: "You've made your path clear, Sharp. If you fail at taking out the Reformer and fall under his control again, it's better if you don't know."

Sharp will begin walking away to leave, prompting Dimik-ei to plead with him.

Dimik-ei: "Sharp, please come with us. You don't have to be alone."
Sharp-as-Night: "I'm not going to be alone. And I'm not going to fail."

He takes his leave on a small, nearby boat.


  • The mercenary that attacks Sharp-as-Night at the beginning of the quest has a set appearance, and is labeled "Mercenary" while she is alive (as a corpse, she has no name or health bar visible).
  • Piranirr and Malkwug have different dialogue before and after you speak to Harn in the inn.[verification needed — What about in the outlaws refuge?]

Quest Stages[edit]

The Double Edge
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Sharp suggested I start my search by speaking to his associate Harn Orenvi in the Necrom Outlaws Refuge.
Objective: Talk to Harn Orenvi
(If you ran Harn Orenvi's errand)
Harn Orenvi agreed to give information on Reynila's last known location if I deliver flowers for him.
Objective: Deliver Flower to Brelynn
Objective: Deliver Flower to Menredius
(If you ran Harn Orenvi's errand)
I delivered flowers at the request of Harn Orenvi. I should meet up with him at the tavern and get information on Reynila.
Objective: Talk to Harn Orenvi
Harn Orenvi told me that Reynila called on an old friend in Necrom, a fence named Deredrien. I should go to Deredrien's place and see what information she can give me on Reynila.
Objective: Go to Deredrien's Place
Deredrien the fence isn't at home. I should look for clues as to her whereabouts or any information on Reynila.
Objective: Search Deredrien's Place
Reynila's letter to Deredrien mentions she was staying in a campsite across the river from the old Sailenmora outpost. I should let Sharp know what the letter says.
Objective: Talk to Sharp-as-Night
Sharp plans to scout ahead and find Reynila's campsite across the river from the old Sailenmora outpost. I should head there and look for Sharp.
Objective: Meet Sharp-as-Night near Reynila's Campsite
Sharp wants to speak with me before we head to Reynila's campsite.
Objective: Talk to Sharp-as-Night
Sharp and I are headed to search Reynila's campsite. Sharp thinks we should be ready for a fight.
Objective: Search Reynila's Campsite
Reynila's camp was compromised by mercenaries. Sharp spotted a trail heading away from the campsite. We should follow it.
Objective: Follow the Trail
Objective Hint: Crouch to Find the Trail
The trail of footprints from Reynila's camp led to Deredrien's corpse. I should investigate the nearby note.
Objective: Investigate Deredrien's Note
The note near Deredrien's body is from a mysterious figure called the Reformer, who is also after Sharp. I should talk to Sharp to see what's next.
Objective: Talk to Sharp
Sharp noticed a name in common on the notes we found: Mevei Andros, supposedly located in Ald Isra. I should meet Sharp in Ald Isra to find Mevei Andros for information on Reynila's whereabouts.
Objective: Find Mevei Andros in Ald Isra
Sharp and I found Mevei Andros. I should ask her about Reynila and warn her about the notes we found regarding her and Reynila.
Objective: Talk to Mevei Andros
Mevei confirmed that Reynila is an operative working to free slaves from the Reformer, a powerful and dangerous Telvanni magister. I should meet Sharp on the island of Gorne so we can find and help Reynila.
Objective: Meet Sharp on Gorne
I found Sharp on the island of Gorne. I should talk to him before we head to the caves on the southwest side of the island to try and find a secret entrance to the smuggler's tunnels there.
Objective: Talk to Sharp-as-Night
Sharp and I are searching for a secret entrance to the smuggler's tunnels in the caves on the southwest side of Gorne.
Objective: Find Reynila
Sharp and I arrived to find Reynila at the mercy of more of the Reformer's mercenaries. We need to help her fight them off.
Objective: Defeat the Mercenaries
Reynila was injured and made her way through the nearby door. We need to get to her.
Objective: Follow Reynila
Reynila looks to be in her last moments alive. I should talk to her and see if anything can be done.
Objective: Talk to Reynila
Reynila succumbed to her injures, leaving Dimik-ei to fend for herself. I should talk to her to see if we can help her.
Objective: Talk to Dimik-Ei
Dimik-ei seems lost without Reynila, but she recognizes Sharp. I should talk to Sharp about what comes next.
Objective: Talk to Sharp
Finishes quest☑ I helped mercenary Sharp-as-Night track down Reynila Treviri, but her death left him with more questions than answers. I should seek my reward and ask Sharp what he's planned next.
Objective: Talk to Sharp
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  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
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