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Home Settlement Leki's Blade
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Outlaw

Rahama is a Redguard outlaw found at the school of Leki's Blade.


"Welcome to the Leki's Blade. Enter with an open heart and a steeled soul."
What is this place? / What do you do here?
"We train the ways of the ready sword and the sharp mind. Our martial tradition dates to the time of Ra Gada, by Leki's blessed blade.
Even if never plan to wield a sword, you'll face one in battle. Here, you'll learn to survive."
Who was Leki?
"Leki, the divine daughter of Tall Papa, is the Sword-Saint who taught new ways of wielding the blade.
This school is named for her, on the very place of one of her many miracles."
What miracle?
"Ages ago in the time of the Ansei, a great warrior came to this oasis: Rada al-Saran. Rada was a proud man, and he claimed to match the gods in the way of the sword.
It is said Leki herself drew him here, seeking to challenge and humble him."
Is that true?
"Only the ancestors know for certain, but legend says Rada arrived to find Leki, as a warrior of sand wielding a blade of the hardest rock.
Rada bowed to it. When it bowed back, he found an opponent worthy of his skills. They dueled."
Who won?
"They crossed blades for three days and three nights. Rada's strikes parted the sand but briefly, and he tired as the days wore on.
At last, Rada put all of his strength into one final strike: the weakest point of his opponent's rocky blade."
Did it work?
"You need only look to where we stand for the answer. The blade broke in two, and a great sandstorm split th horizon. When it cleared, Leki had erected a shrine from the sands, and its oasis held the purest water in all Alik'r."
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