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Home City Silvenar
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Merchant

Orchelor is a Bosmer merchant found in the city of Silvenar.


He has a dim view on recent events:

"Silvenar, Green Lady … who cares? Our city's in shambles because of them."
What about the Hound?
"The Hound … the Silvenar … the Green Lady. They fight with each other and who gets chewed up and swallowed? We do!
I'm tired of worrying. Maybe I'll go to Velyn Harbor or Elden Root. The Altmer don't have these sorts of problems."
From what I've seen, they've got their own./There's often trouble wherever one goes.
"Well, you've traveled more than I have. Maybe you're right.
Still, if we could go a week or so without the mer attacking, or someone killing our leaders, or spirits of the past trying to take over, I'll be grateful."
You may be right. Good luck in your travels./Good luck in your travels, then.
"Travels? Leave Silvenar? Well, let's not go that far. The roads are dangerous!
Maybe I'll have a drink and think about this. Elden Root's pretty far away."