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Solve a riddle to find an inheritance.
Zone: Stormhaven
Location(s): Wayrest
Reward: Very High Leveled Gold (if the inheritance is kept)
Average Leveled Gold (if the inheritance is given to Donel)

In the Wayrest graveyard, I found the last Will and Testament of a scholar named Frodibert Fontbonne. Frodibert challenged his son Donel to solve a riddle to claim his inheritance. Donel gave up, but maybe I can solve the riddle.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Solve the Riddle

Follow the Streetlamp Trail - South --> East --> East --> North --> North (go right then north) --> East --> North --> East (Right and around the corner)

Search Under the Street Lamp

Search the Attic Room (Cloudy Dregs Inn)

Open Frodibert Fontbonne's Chest

Find Donel Fontbonne and Give Him the Inheritance (Second option is to keep the Inheritance)

Ask the Wayrest Recruiter About Donel Fontbonne

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

In order to Solve the Riddle, you should Follow the Street Lamp Trail. The first streetlamp you should interact with is just northeast of the quest starter. Upon walking to the first streetlamp you can follow the trail of streetlamp up to the last one, or simply walk to it.

Once you reach the last streetlamp you are supposed to search under it in tall grass. This gives you another objective: Enter Cloudy Dregs Inn and its second floor. There are doors to the Attic Room. Search the Attic Room by examining "For Donel from Father" note on a desk. This makes nearby Frodibert Fontbonne's Chest lootable.

This is where you decide whether to keep the inheritance or not. If you chose the second option, you receive gold from Recruitment Officer Orgak.

Quest Stages[edit]

One Last Game
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Solve the Riddle
Objective: Follow the Street lamp Trail
Objective: Search Under the Street Lamp
Objective: Search the Attic Room
Objective: Open Frodibert Fontbonne's Chest
Objective: Find Donel Fontbonne and Give Him the Inheritance
Objective: Ask the Wayrest Recruiter About Donel Fontbonne
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