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Octavimus Bincal
Home Settlement Cropsford
House Bincal House
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Octavimus Bincal

Octavimus Bincal is an Imperial who lives in his home with his wife, Marina, in Cropsford. He recently moved to the town from the city due to the wrong sort of people wanting to find him.

Related Quests[edit]


He can be found wandering around outside his house.

"Cropsford's not much, but it's good enough for me. Start a family, grow crops, grow old, and pass it along to your children. Who needs anything more?"
Does it worry you, being on the outskirts of town?
"Not me. It bothers Marina but I like having some space to ourselves. If I want to see people, it's a three-minute walk. You just can't put a price on privacy.
Marina now, she likes staying indoors, says the trees give her the willies."
Where'd you live before Cropsford?
"A big city. Not saying which, as there are people looking for me. But it was dirty, crowded, noisy, and dangerous. Out here, all I have to worry about are Goblins, and a sharp rap to the head with my hammer takes care of them."

After completing The Message, he will still be rattled by Niro's letter.

"If you see Niro again, tell him—very politely, please—that I'll handle it. He doesn't need to worry, and he certainly doesn't need to come here and see me."
You seem scared of Niro Gratas.
"Scared? Not at all. I'm terrified. He's arrogant, cruel, and vindictive. And those are his good qualities.
Take my advice and stay very far away from Niro. It's healthier that way."
How do you know him?
"I used to be a bad person who did awful things for Niro. But I'm better now. Saw a chance to get out and I took it. Grabbed Marina and ran. Didn't stop running until we got here.
Marina hates it here, but it's better than being back with Niro."

The Message[edit]

After agreeing to find Octavimus, you can deliver a message to him. He will be nervous when he receives it.

Here's a letter from Niro Gratas. He said you'd pay. (Option will appear in his dialogue)
"Niro Gratas? By the Divines, what does he want now? Uh, th-thank you. Oh … here's some coin. It's all I have. I hope it's enough."