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Home Settlement Belkarth
Location Star-Gazers' Observatory
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Star-Gazers

Nazdura is an Orc Star-Gazer who can be encountered on the ground floor of the Star-Gazers' Observatory in Belkarth.

Related Quests[edit]


When spoken to upon receiving the Star-Gazers' blessing, she says, "I'm glad you've decided to join us. I try to help Hara with whatever I can, but right now she needs soldiers more than scholars. I hope you can help bring her some peace of mind."

When you speak to her after completing [verification needed — which quest(s)?], she will say, "Hara seems very pleased with you. She's become more hopeful since you arrived. I can tell. Is there anything I can help you with?"

When you speak to Nazdura after completing The Missing Guardian, she will say, "I'm happy you found her. That you saved her. But ... I feel sad, too. The woman I ... thought she was—she never existed, did she? In a way, I feel like Hara never came back at all. Maybe I'm being selfish."

Regular dialogue

And what do you do for the Star-Gazers?
"I'm new to all of this, but I do what I can. People have been looking to Hara for answers since the Celestials appeared. So I try to help her with meetings, letter-writing—little things—so she can focus on what's important."
What brought you here?: "I came to Hammerfell with a few other Orcs. One of the chiefs was going to pick a new wife. I wasn't chosen, but I was allowed to attend the feast that night. That's when the Iron Orcs attacked."
What happened?: "I don't want to think about it. It wasn't even a battle. It was slaughter. I don't know when I blacked out, but when I woke, the Iron Orcs had joined their victims in death. Standing above me was a solitary figure, hand outstretched. Hara."
Hara killed the Iron Orcs?: "I don't know. It doesn't seem possible, does it? All I know is[sic] she found me and brought me here. So, you see, I owe Hara everything. I'll do anything for her. The Star-Gazers are my family now."

The Missing Guardian[edit]

"Oh, good. You're here. I'm worried about Hara. She's clearly tired, but she refuses to rest. She's going to make herself ill!
Speaking of which, she wants to see you as soon as you can manage. It sounded urgent."
Do you know what Hara needs from me?
"I don't know. It was strange. Hara said something about the Celestial Thief and visions you've been having.
I heard how the Serpent corrupted the Mage and the Warrior. I hope the same thing doesn't happen to the Thief."
Where is Hara now?
"Oh, right. She's upstairs in her study—those two men, Kelmen and Titus, are with her.
I guess she wanted to meet in private. But she said it was very important that you be there."
Thanks. I'll go see her.
"Go on! Hara waits upstairs."
Hara: "Time is not on our—"
Titus Valerius: "Hara! What's wrong?"
Nazdura: "Hara! What have you done to her?"
Titus Valerius: "Nothing! Something just came over her. Hara, what can we do?"
Hara: "He found me... you must..."
Nazdura: "Who found you? Who is doing this to you?"
Hara: "Find the ruins... Reinhold's Retreat... Hidden there... you must..." (Disappears)
Nazura: "No!" (Proceeds to drop to her knees)

Speak to her again:

"I don't understand. What's happening? Why Hara? Why now?
She was trying to say something and then she disappeared.
"Yes. Something about Reinhold... Reinhold's Retreat? A ruin.
But I've never heard that name. What do you think she meant?"
Maybe Hara understood what was happening and tried to give us a clue.
"She said "he found me." Maybe she's alive and someone took her? Took her to this place... Reinhold's Retreat.
Please, you have to find it. You have to save her. I... we need her."
I'll find her, Nazdura.
"Thank you. I know she trusted you.
I hate the thought of her suffering all alone in some dark place. Please, hurry."

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