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Location Shada's Tear
Race Nede Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Projection

Mahvia is a Nedic summoner who created the atronach Debruz as a defense against Yokudan invaders. She will be seen in flashbacks speaking to General Zal'ik, and later seen sacrificing four Nedic Residents to summon the atronach.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A vision of Mahvia speaking to Zal'ik about the defenses:

Zal'ik: "This barrier should keep the Yokudans out while we finalize the ritual with Shada. The sacrifice you make by staying behind to guard it is appreciated, Mahvia."
Mahvia: "Don't thank me. Thank those who offered themselves for my … experiments. The creature they gave life to will protect this barrier for eternity."
Zal'ik: "See that it does. That creature's magic keeps this barrier held in place. It is the only thing that can keep the Yokudans out."

Down the stairs behind Mahvia's first projection, a flashback vision of her casting a spell to create Debruz can be witnessed.

Mahvia: "We give our flesh, our minds, and our souls to protect this city and its people against the invaders."
Mahvia: "So as long as this creation of our bodies stands, so too will the ward that protects these crypts. May I meet you in the stars my brothers and sisters."
Mahvia: "None shall get past our creation!"