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Home Settlement Shrouded Vale
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction (?)

Lerangor is a Bosmer found in the settlement of Shrouded Vale.


"Good day to be alive, isn't it? Everything's just as I remember it! Always gratifying, that is. "
How long have you lived in this village?
"I was born into it, of course. I've never known any other life. We get to travel, sure, but otherwise we are the same as any other Bosmer. We laugh, we grieve. And eventually, we die"
You've never left the village to see what's out there?
"Why should I? My home and family belong to this village. There's nothing I need from any other place.
Sometimes, people do go out and wander Valenwood. And they've even brought others to live with us. I've no desire to go anywhere"
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