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Location North of Shrouded Vale
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health (?)

Lataryon is a spooked Bosmer merchant who tells about the settlement of the Shrouded Vale.

Related Quests[edit]


"Y'ffre's bones! Am I glad to see another traveler on this road!
Personally, I can't wait to get out of here. Something really strange is going on here."
What's the matter?
"You're going to think I'm crazy. But there's a cave not far from here. My apprentice and I camped there to get out of the weather, and when we woke up... a whole village had appeared out nowhere! Full of Elves and homes and everything!"
An entire village? Can I see it?
"Do what you want. One of them asked what year it is. I didn't wait to find out if it was a Daedric trick, or if I was just crazy.
None of them followed me outside, thankfully."
I'll look into it.
missing dialogue
"You're looking for a High Elf woman? Yes, I saw one pass this way. Right into that strange cave. The one with the village that just appeared out of nowhere!"
You're certain the village wasn't there before?
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