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Iulius Averno
Home Settlement The Stitches
Location The Goiter's Gulp
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Iulius Averno

Iulius Averno is an Imperial and twin brother of Scipion Averno, who can be found in the Goiter's Gulp. They originally came from Kvatch before coming to the Stitches and maneuvering themselves into various businesses around the town, such as becoming managers of the tavern. They also offer loans and expect payback.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

While recruiting Sereyne for Tasnasi's heist, the alfiq will ask you to retrieve her magic focus from the Averno brothers.

"New face in the Stitches, then? I love new faces. I can front you a little money in exchange for … well, we can talk terms over wine.
To what do my brother and I owe the pleasure?"
I'm here for the focus Sereyne pawned to you.
"Focus? Looked like a collar to me. Pity it doesn't fit any of our pets. Don't call it such around Sereyne. Nearly clawed poor Scipion's nose off over it. It's such a good nose, too. Reminds me of mother.
Anyway, the price is set. Will you pay it?"
All right. I'll pay you for Sereyne's focus. [Pay 00000693693 Gold]
"Well, well, Scipion called me a fool for taking the cat's little trinket, but here I am turning a tidy profit. I'll make sure he never hears the end of it.
The bauble's in a jewelry box on the other side of the bar. Help yourself."

If you steal Sereyne's focus from the Jewelry Box behind the counter, his greeting will be different.

"Unless you've come back bearing massage oils and nimble fingers I am not really interested."

Once you have the focus by whatever means, you can talk to him some more.

"Going to bring the little mage back her bauble, then? May as well chuck it in the canyon. At least that way it won't be covered in regurgitated fur."
What is this place?
"The Goiter's Gulp? The only thing vaguely resembling a tavern from here to Riverhold. My dear brother and I are the new management.
You would think the sixth-generation owners would be smarter than to use this place as collateral but here we are."
That seems harsh.
"I know, but this dump is the only thing he could cough up for the loan. Still, dear brother and I manage to keep the business alive. It's a labor of love, I assure you.
The love of money, I mean."


If he is spoken to before you begin recruiting for Tasnasi.

"Good luck finding a decent place to sit. Brother and I had to have these chairs shipped all the way from Kvatch."

In the aftermath of the heist and the removal of Khasda, Iulius' dialogue will depend on whether Tasnasi stayed and became the leader or not.

If she did, Iulius will admit that Tasnasi is a definite improvement and that he and his brother will adjust their strategies.

"I suppose the quality of service will have to go up now that Tasnasi's in charge, but it's a small price to pay for a leader with some panache. She's no Dashing Dasalzo, but she's got a certain charm. Any charm at all is a step up from Khasda."
You think she'll be good for the Stitches?
"She couldn't be worse. Khasda was driving this place into the ground. Scipion and I were just getting our hands on anything we could before making a discreet exit.
Now we have time to savor the fruits of our labor."

If Tasnasi instead leaves the town, the gangs will have taken leadership.

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