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Home City Woodhearth
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Smith

Henandan is a Bosmer smith found in the city of Woodhearth. He can be found in The Cat's Bazaar area of Woodhearth, and offers no unique dialogue.

Henanadan will, however, speak to Thaereledh occasionally:

Henandan : "Did you hear Queen Ayrenn's latest proclamation? Her brother is to be interred shortly. A royal funeral."
Thaereledh : "After all the trouble he's caused?"
Henandan : "It wasn't him. They've uncovered papers belonging to Pelidil and Kinlady Estre showing that they conspired with the Veiled Heritance to raise Naemon from the dead and use him as a figurehead."
Thaereledh : "There's no sin an Altmer can't erase with a little paperwork, eh?"


  • Although Henanden is listed as a "Smith" he has no mercantile options.