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Home Settlement Chorrol
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Halion is a Bosmer bard who can be found in Chorrol, playing the flute. When spoken to, he says,

Related Quests[edit]


When spoken to before finding his flute:

"If it weren't for Vastae, I'd have left town a long time ago. Everyone here is so concerned about the fissure and earthquakes and such, they don't take the time to appreciate music. It'd do them some good to relax a little."

After you find his flute:

"My silver flute has a much sweeter tone than the one I've been using. I'll be able to lift some spirits with this in hand!"

The Silver Flute[edit]

Return the flute to Halion in Chorrol and you can ask him:

Is this yours? It bears your name.
"My flute! I sold it after the earthquake ruined my home. It killed me to part with it, but I needed money for repairs.
Not that it helped, with the continual tremors and monster attacks."

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