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The Great Dark Stag is one of the five Aspects of Hircine, invoked as Uricanbeg, "whose hooves drum the Blood Summons."
Great Dark Stag
ON-icon-mount-Great Dark Stag.png
Great Dark Stag
Type Cervine
Default Name Get of Uricanbeg
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 040004,000 Crowns
Availability Friday the 13th

The Great Dark Stag is available from the Crown Store for 040004,000 Crowns for just one day, for Fatal Fredas, every Friday the 13th. It's added that day, and removed on the next one. Its default name is "Get of Uricanbeg". Unlike other mounts, it has no visual upgrades for Riding Skill.


Physical Appearance[edit]

The Great Dark Stag is a large stag with black fur and red eyes.