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Participate in a drinking contest at Geirmund's Hall.
Zone: The Rift
Quest Giver: Eirfa
Location(s): Geirmund's Hall
Reward: Oath-Speaker's Boots
Average Leveled Gold
Recite the Oath... if you can remember it
I met a Nord named Eirfa at Geirmund's Hall. She asked if I'd be interested in participating in a drinking contest. Let's see how this goes.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Aelm.
  2. Win the drinking contest.
  3. Talk to Eirfa.
  4. Drink the potent brew and recite Geirmund's Oath.
  5. Return to Eirfa.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Eirfa asks you to speak to her sister, Aelm, who is just inside the drinking hall. She will give you the rules of the contest: you have to drink as much as you can within the allotted time without collapsing. The Drunkard's Feast is just to the right of the entrance and will help keep you from passing out. Each time you eat, you will negate the effects of the mead you've just consumed, but use up valuable time. The correct combination of drinking and eating is two drinks followed by one serving of food, until you've consumed six drinks and three servings of food, followed by four drinks in a row to complete the contest.

Return to Eirfa. She will congratulate you on your victory, but tell you there's one more task: to drink a special, potent brew and recite Geirmund's Oath on a nearby stage. She will recite the Oath for you upon request.

Head over to the keg, which is sitting to the right as you face the stage. As soon as you drink from the keg, it will become immediately obvious just how strong the brew is as your vision blurs and turns green. Stumble over to the stage and stand by the lectern. You'll have to choose the right lines in order from multiple choices. Geirmund's Oath goes like this:

Lord Geirmund, great battlemage,
saved the Rift in Harald's age.
He slew the wicked Gauldur three,
and set their father's spirit free.
His tomb was built upon this lake,
and in his name this oath I take.[1]
Should evil come, should night descend,
I swear the Rift I will defend.

Once you're done, return to Eirfa. She will remark on your fortitude before giving you some gold and the Oath-Speaker's Boots.


  1. ^ The NPCs sing "and in his name this oath I make", rather than "take".

Quest Stages[edit]

Geirmund's Oath
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
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