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Location Northeast of Cave of Broken Sails
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction (?)

Engor is a Bosmer sailor and one of the few remaining loyal crewmembers of The Albatross. He is found resting near the entrance to the Cave of Broken Sails.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Luck of the Albatross[edit]

Approaching him, he'll mutter to himself, "Yup, still seeing twenty fingers. That can't be good." Talking to him, he'll say:

"Captain, are there two of you standing there?"
"Captain?" What are you talking about?
"Oh, I thought you were someone else. I guess I'm still seeing double. And...also hallucinating. I took a blow to the head during the mutiny. Been double hallucinating ever since."
Mutiny? What mutiny?
"I was quartermaster on the Albatross until Brauti Bloodshark led a mutiny. He and his traitors captured most of the crew while we explored the Cave of Broken Sails for a lost treasure. Captain should be up by the cave. She can tell you more."
I'll go talk to your captain.

This starts the quest. If you talk to him again, right after this, he'll complain some more, "What was that? Head's still ringing. I...I think I'm going to lay down. Oh wait, no...the captain said laying down was bad. I can't lay down. I'll keep counting my fingers until they add up right."

As you explore the cave, you might meet him again in a somewhat more stable condition: "Have we met? The two of you look familiar. No, I'm fine, I can focus. I'll help the captain stick a cutlass in Brauti Bloodshark's throat. Both of them, if I have to."

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