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Dame Hendra Trieve
Home Settlement Castle Navire
Location Office of the Knight Commander
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Dame Hendra Trieve

Dame Hendra Trieve is an Imperial knight who can be found in the Office of the Knight Commander in Castle Navire.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Tournament of the Heart[edit]

During the Order of the Albatross task, you will need to find a key to the chapel catacombs. Isobel suggests you check out the Knights Quarters in the castle. Dame Hendra can be found in the Knight Commander's office and is a possible source of a key:

"If you don't have an appointment to meet with Commander Jourvel, make one. She's busy. As am I.
The Nord over there can make the appointment for you. If he's not writing that gods-awful poetry at the moment."
I'm looking for a key to the catacombs.
"And I'm looking for a posting more interesting than pushing papers for Knight Commander Jourvel, or playing politics with snooty nobles!
Tell me, why should I give a key to the first peasant who comes wandering in off the lawn?"
I'm a peasant with a surprisingly full coin purse. [0000006969 Gold]
"A bribe? How unexpected. Most people I have to deal with would rather get snippy and tell the commander about how rude I am. All because I can't be arsed to be obsequious.
Refreshing! Here's a key. Try not to get killed down there."
Thank you.
Sorry to have bothered you. (Ends Conversation)

If you paid for the key and tried speaking with her afterwards:

"Our transaction was completed satisfactorily. It does not require further conversation, surely. I'm a rather busy woman."

If you decided to help Nilsmon Booklover for the key, but before handing over the poem to Aurelia:

"I'm quite sure our striving Nord poet can help you. I am actually quite busy."[verification needed — see talk page]

A Mother's Request[edit]

Before talking to the commander:

"Commander Jourvel is expecting you, and Dame Isobel. Go on in."

After talking to the commander:

"If you see that lunkhead Booklover, tell him to get his frostbitten Nord arse back here.
There's no end of work here and I'm tired of picking up his tasks."


Before starting Tournament of the Heart:

"If you don't have an appointment, then Commander Jourvel doesn't have time to see you. Thanks for your consideration."