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Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed
ON-icon-pet-Abecean Ratter Cat.png Abecean Ratter Cat 00400Unavailable 400 Crowns The Abecean Ratter is famed from Hegathe to Woodhearth as a prime rodent-catcher. A brown cat.
ON-icon-pet-Alik'r Dune-Hound.png Alik'r Dune-Hound 00400Unavailable 400 Crowns The Dune-Hound is the loyal dog of the Redguard hunters of the Alik'r. A golden colored hound dog pet.
ON-icon-pet-Alliance War Dog.png Alliance War Dog 01000Unavailable 1,000 Crowns War Dogs can be found in the armies of all three Alliances, mainly in the capacity of aides to the military police. They are as loyal to their masters as they are savage to their enemies. Appearance is specific to your character's alliance. PC/Mac: 5 October 2016
Console: 18 October 2016
ON-icon-pet-Black Cat.png Black Cat 00700Unavailable 700 Crowns This black cat knows things you cannot know, and sees things you cannot see. But that is the nature of all black cats, is it not?
ON-icon-pet-Bravil Retriever.png Bravil Retriever 00400Unavailable 400 Crowns The Bravil Retriever loves the water, and is a favorite hunter's companion from Anvil to Gideon. A golden colored retriever dog pet.
ON-icon-pet-Dragontail Goat.png Dragontail Goat 00400Unavailable 400 Crowns The brown Goats of the Dragontail Mountains are stronger than they look. There's a saying in Hammerfell: "Hits as hard as a Dragontail ram!" A brown goat pet. 2 November 2015
ON-icon-pet-Housecat.png Housecat 00400Unavailable 400 Crowns This green-eyed feline is a distant relative of the Alfiq Khajiit. A gray tabby cat pet.
ON-icon-pet-Markarth Bear-Dog.png Markarth Bear-Dog 00700700 Crowns Fierce and courageous fighters, the hunters of Eastern Skyrim use small packs of these dogs to pursue bears. The bear-dogs track, corner, and harry the bears until the hunters can arrive with their spears. A large gray dog. 28 January 2016
ON-icon-pet-Milady's Cloud Cat.png Milady's Cloud Cat 00700Unavailable 700 Crowns White cats are sacred to Dibella, the Lady of Love, and all white cats and all white cats are said to be her representatives in the animal kingdom. A House of Dibella will typically have three or four milk-white cats within its walls.
ON-icon-pet-Psijic Domino Pig.png Psijic Domino Pig 00400400 Crowns Originally bred on the Isle of Artaeum, the black-and-white Domino Pig is so smart it can count to five and learn to recognize its name. A black and white pig. 4 February 2016
ON-icon-pet-Sanguine's Black Goat.png Sanguine's Black Goat 00400Unavailable 400 Crowns It's just a goat. Isn't it? But why does it look at you like that? Did it just … whisper? No. It's just a goat! A black goat pet. Eyes will occasionally glow red.
ON-icon-pet-Shadowghost Pony.png Shadowghost Pony 00700Unavailable 700 Crowns It's said that to catch a Shadowghost Pony, one should seek out a cemetery on a dark night during Witches Festival and wait quietly near the grave of a child. Bring a carrot or sweet apple.
ON-icon-pet-Shornhelm Shepherd.png Shornhelm Shepherd 00400Unavailable 400 Crowns This hardy dog was bred for herding sheep in the rugged terrain of Rivenspire. A black colored retriever dog pet.
ON-icon-pet-White-Gold Imperial Pony.png White-Gold Imperial Pony 01000Unavailable 1,000 Crowns The White-Gold Imperial Pony was said to have made its debut as the birthday present for a noble's daughter, though which family claims this prestige is still hotly debated throughout Cyrodiil.
ON-icon-pet-Windhelm Wolfhound.png Windhelm Wolfhound 00400Unavailable 400 Crowns Descended from royal hunting dogs, Windhelm Wolfhounds are known as steadfast companions.. A brown wolfhound dog pet.
ON-icon-pet-Witch's Infernal Familiar.png Witch's Infernal Familiar ata]](?) Crowns Equipped with a hat, this black cat makes its way in the world at your side, leaving little fiery pawprints behind as it goes. A black cat with a hat.
ON-icon-pet-Wrothgar Buck Goat.png Wrothgar Buck Goat 00700700 Crowns The Orcs of Wrothgar have a hardy breed of goats well-suited to the area's rugged terrain and changeable climate. Each goatherd particularly prizes his herd's master Buck Goat; these tend to be both intelligent and pugnacious, good animal companions. May 24 2018