High Isle


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Location Inside of the Coral Cliffs
Race Maormer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Mornard

Chyrisnia is a Maormer prisoner who can be found inside of the Coral Cliffs.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Sergeant Brusic will ask you to find any survivors that were taken into the Coral Cliffs. In the area near the entrance, Chyrisnia will run out of a hut and shout:

Chyrisnia: "Stay back! You … you're not one of those slimy druids. Who are you?"

Talk with Chyrisnia to see what she knows:

"I've got to get out of here! Why didn't I just drown in that shipwreck?
They turned them into coral. Sunigil—those Eldertide bastards turned him into this … glow. Then they fed the glow to the coral."
Eldertide bastards?
"They said that the archipelago belongs to nature. That they were carving a balance between the natural world and greedy mortals.
They brought us through the caves and up to the platforms above. Then they shoved us into cages."
Did the druids use their magic on Veslyn too?
"Veslyn? She was whole when I escaped. I offered to help her, but she wouldn't leave the others and I had to run. I had to!
I can't do anything. Not against the Eldertide druids' power. But you—you can destroy their coral."
Why would I destroy the coral?
"The Eldertide … sacrificed my shipmates to it. Those druids need to suffer. The coral is inside the caves, just down that hill.
Make them pay! I'll give up piracy if you do as I ask. Smash the coral. Free the others. Please."

Before you continue you can ask her some more questions:

Before you go, I have more questions about what's going on here.
"Right now? But—all right.
If knowing more about them will help you save the others, I guess I can stay in this place for a bit longer."
Who are the Eldertide druids?
"They're the ones who should be locked up in the Amenos stockade! They're not even supposed to be here! They corrupt nature. Even their magic does horrible things. It hurts too. The way Sunigil screamed …."
Do you know why they chose coral?
"Does there have to be a reason? Eldertide druids can corrupt other sea creatures, too. Urchins, sea stars, fish, crabs, that sort of thing. But the coral they corrupted here? It looks like the coral that wrecked the ship.
They planned this."
How can I find the corrupted coral?
"They changed the coral into something unnatural. It stinks of druid magic and … blood.
It'll look different too, if there's light enough to see. I'm not going to let them turn me into that."
Do you remember where the coral is?
"I passed by one a little while back. It should be down that way.
The other corals are probably inside the caves. We could still hear our shipmates' screams from the cages we were locked in."

If you finish the conversation, but speak to her before moving away:

"I'm getting out of here. Everyone else—everyone still alive—is through the caves at the bottom of that hill. They're caged up. But if you really want to help us, you'll destroy the corrupted coral. Make it so the druids' plan never work!"

After you finish the conversation she will run away:

Chyrisnia : "Anyone still alive will be in the cages above. Destroy the coral. Make those druids pay!"

Once all the prisoners are free, you can speak to her outside the Coral Cliffs:

"You! You saved everyone. I—look, I meant what I said in there, I'm done with piracy.
Maybe I'll give working for Amenos a try? Those Mornard lugs are uptight, but they're good to their prisoners."

After the completion of the quest:

"It's not in my nature to give up my own freedom, and I'm not. Piracy isn't the only life out here.
Veslyn and her captain won't see trouble from us and we'll fight by their side. We swear it, on the constancy of the tides."


Chyrisnia in Gonfalon Bay

After finishing the quest she can be found in Gonfalon Bay docks, east of the Outlaws Refugee.

"So you managed to get off Amenos? Good for you!
I don't have time to chat, there's a lot of work that needs to get done before we can start making deliveries around Gonfalon. But I'm not complaining. It's better than being sacrificed to some coral."
You seem happy.
"Not being killed for some druid's evil plan or slaving in a mine will do that to you. Turns out not making extra work for the people just trying to keep you alive is a good idea.
I'll have to remember that. Seems like it'll be useful later."
So you won't give Brusic or Veslyn a hard time?
"No. I was a pirate, but where did that get me? In line to be a lump of sea rock. I'll try my hand as a prisoner transport sentry. We'll see how that works out.
But for now, I've got a deck to clean."