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Captain Smagg
Home Settlement Koeglin Village
Location Sleepy Sailor Inn
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Captain Smagg

Captain Smagg is an Orc sailor and a patron of the Sleepy Sailor Inn in Koeglin Village. His ship was damaged from hitting rocks, due to troubles at the nearby lighthouse.


Speaking to him in the inn, he will explain what happened to him:

"Bad luck. Could've just blown by Koeglin, but thought to stop for extra supplies.
Who would guess the lighthouse was out? Hit a rock—didn't sink me, but hurt the hull.
Now I gotta wait for repairs."
Why is the lighthouse out?
"Don't know. Hear It's been out for a while, though.
Could be the lighthouse keeper's been killed. Don't really care. Just want to get back to sea."

After dealing the problems at the Koeglin Lighthouse, he relocates to the docks and is ready to set sail.

"Good day to set sail. My ship's repaired, and even the lighthouse has been relit.
Maybe I'll get to Hammerfell in time after all."