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Bosun Cindeval
Race Maormer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Gilded Blades
Bosun Cindeval

Bosun Cindeval is a Maormer and bosun to Captain Siravaen and the Mad Maiden. Before starting the zone story quests, she can be found in a cage on the south end of Westport with a Gilded Blade Mariner and cannot be spoken to.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

After you cut all the moorings and lower the harbor chain, she will be part of Captain Siravaen's group to commandeer the retaken Mad Maiden. You can speak to her before Siravaen:

"Captain wants to talk to you. Let me catch my breath … I haven't run that hard in a long while!"

After speaking to Captain Siravaen:

"We all knew the captain would come back for us. She's about as affectionate as an ill-tempered shark but she cares for us in her own way. If you hadn't shown up, she would have burned this whole place down trying to save our hides."

After helping Captain Siravaen reclaim the Mad Maiden, you will set sail for the Cathedral District in Vastyr where the siege has begun. Sir Stefan will be defending the docks and will notice your arrival and ask to try to find his father:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Hold them back! Let no Dreadsails get past your blades!"
Captain Siravaen: "The siege has begun! Quickly, to Sir Stefan's side."

<Captain Siravaen will kick a Dreadsail into the water while Bosun Cindeval and a Gilded Blade Mariner will dispatch two other Dreadsails>

Captain Siravaen: "They're on the run! We'll deal with these, lordling! Gilded Blades, forward."

<Captain Siravaen will then throw daggers that take out two more fleeing Dreadsails before she and her Gilded Blades are trying to lockpick the gate near the docks>

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Friend, we need to find my father!"


  • Two of her can be found in the Westport cages. ?
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