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Bandit Cutthroat
Location Various
Race Varied Gender Varied
Health 31364
Reaction Hostile

The Bandit Cutthroat is a Bandit which can be encountered in many locations, trying to lockpick a treasure chest.


A Bandit Cutthroat attacking after being interrupted attempting to lockpick a treasure chest

Depending on the type of Bandit Cutthroat, they will say various things: If you interrupt one while attempting to lockpick a treasure chest:

Bandit Cutthroat: "Damn. Almost had it."

If you actually strike him while he's picking the lock, he'll say:

Bandit Cutthroat: "My pick! You broke my pick!"

In another encounter with a female cutthroat, she will call for backup when she notices you:

Bandit Cutthroat: "Oy! To me!"

Once the enforcer appears:

Bandit Enforcer: "Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!"
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